As I am more and more applying metaphysical understanding to my own life and life experiences, especially dealing with all sorts of physical pain and discomfort on a daily basis, I am more convinced that most diseases are caused by our inner stress and tension due to our own repressed emotions, unexpressed thoughts, conditioning, habits, beliefs and attitudes that we have carried within throughout our life and past incarnations, but have never dealt with. This energy creates disharmony in our being and whenever there is unbalance among our body, mind and spirit, there is dis-ease.

Everything is energy. Thoughts, words, emotions, feelings, beliefs, habits, traumatic experiences, etc., are all energy in different forms. Whenever the energy is unused or unexpressed, it is unable to flow, it does not die and it does not disappear either. It stays in the soul memory waiting to be released, if not released it stays with us until we do release it. This can be many incarnations later.

The stagnant energy then creates an energy block; when the energy flow in our bio-system is blocked, it affects our body’s normal physiological and biochemical condition and function, which creates a state of dis-ease, disharmony and unbalance, and eventually manifests in the physical as a disease. The discomfort, tiredness and exhaustion is the warning signal from our body that there is an unbalance that we need to pay attention to, or there is something we need to let go of so that we can restore balance, health and well-being. If we do not listen to our body, and ignore its warning signal, then, the body has to find a way to release and clear the energy blocks in order to be operational and functional. It often manifests as mental or physical diseases. Therefore, disease is a way that the blocked energy tries to find an outlet to enable the energy to flow in its own way in order to assist our body to release its dis-ease and regain its bio-equilibrium.

Most people do not realize that they do not have to have physical disease unless they have chosen a particular disease as part of learning their chosen life lessons or as their karmic debt (we can find this from our natal chart). Unfortunately, so many people have created physical dis-eases due to their own mental stress, emotional repression, unexpressed thoughts and feelings, unspoken words, habits, beliefs, conditioning, attitudes, holding onto old wounds, indulging in an unhealthy diet or life style, being mired in a state of unhappiness or limiting their physical movement, etc. Through our lack of metaphysical knowledge and understanding about the relationships between disease and energy, between body, mind and soul, we have created disease in our life and prevented or inhibited our own healing process.

If our repressed thoughts, emotions and any other unused energy have not been released in this life, although we may not have manifested the illness and health problems yet in this life time, it will be carried over to our next incarnation or incarnations till it is released. If so, it may eventually come out as physical or mental sickness. As such, “Illness comes from being at dis-ease with oneself.” – from Maitreya Quotes App

We are now in the most important time in our human history. Mother Earth is releasing and clearing all she has taken from mankind throughout human history to raise her vibration and consciousness to a higher dimension. We, as the students in the school of life on the Earth Plane are also trying to raise our vibration and consciousness individually and collectively. The key to raising our vibration is to release and clear our deep buried mental and emotional energy – fear, anger, hatred, resentment, grudges, guilt, prejudice, jealousy, insecurity, etc. As the old and stagnant energy comes to the surface through our physical body, it will inevitably cause physical pain, and dis-ease. When this happens, most people get worried, but the doctors or the medical examines are unable to find the problem. In most cases, the doctors prescribe some anti-biotics or anti-inflammatory medicine to ease the symptoms, some may work temporarily, but most of them do not clear the energy. When a situation happens like this, it is normally an indication of releasing and clearing past life energy. If this is the case, you can access your soul memories via past life regression, meditation, trauma healing, energy healing, or other alternative healing modalities to release them. It is these memories deep within the psyche that cause disease, or dis-ease. However, you need to remove your fear of accessing that part of yourself. Once you can truly let go, you can move into a life without those memories. Sometimes you do not need to do anything, except being aware; allow yourself to rest, let go of whatever you are holding onto, and allow the energy to come out and be released without fear, worry or panic. Once the energy is completely dissipated and cleared, you will be back to normal until your next clearing. In this way, you gradually raise your vibration and consciousness. Only then will you really understand life!

Releasing the deep buried energy often occurs during a particular planetary transit in our daily life. A health problem triggered by a transit will only be there for the period of the transit. Yes, it can stay in the consciousness and sometimes can manifest a physical disease, depending on the past life situation or how many incarnations you have carried the energy. But it does not stay for a lifetime unless you have chosen it as a life lesson to learn from.

I have been experiencing a lot of physical pain and discomfort since 2004 as I began the process of releasing and clearing trapped emotional energy that manifested in the physical. Sometimes the pain and discomfort was so bad that I wondered if I had cancer or a severe disease. I used to have breathing problems during the summer time before I went into Metaphysics; I also had a knee problem which caused me to have difficulties climbing the stairs; There was a few months that the bottom of my foot was too painful to even touch the floor; I had lower back pain for quite a few years, to a degree, that I had difficulty standing and walking and I had to use a medical waist band to support my back. I had severe teeth problems and I ended up having massive dental treatment; I had noise bleeds where the blood would stream from my nose like a river and it lasted for about 4 weeks; I had severe heart pain as if I was experiencing a heart attack; I could not lift my left shoulder for about a year. With the release and clearing, all these problems were gradually resolved, and yet new ones would occur due to me having repressed so many emotions and unexpressed thoughts in this life itself, not mention how much I have carried over from my past lives! In times of extreme discomfort, I also remember what Maitreya would say relating to releasing energy, “Better out than in” and through my experience I have really come to understand the power of his words.

I honestly believe that had I not allowed myself to release and clear my repressed energy, I would for sure have ended up with Ovarian Cancer, Colon Cancer, or Kidney failure, just the same as my mother had (my mother died from Renal syndrome. She also had Gallstones and Pancreatitis.) Now I am almost 63 years old and I am still in the process of releasing and clearing. It goes deeper and deeper, and I feel better and better.

From my own experience, I find that writing is one of the most efficient and simplest way to release repressed emotional energy and unexpressed thoughts from my body, mind and soul. Writing down what I feel and how I feel honestly and truthfully is a very critical and important process. No matter whether it is my anger, fear, resentment, worry, jealousy, guilt, shame or other emotions, I acknowledge it honestly without judging or criticizing myself as wrong or bad; I accept it as how I truly feel; I allow it to be expressed through writing it down; and then, I let it go, and tell myself that I no longer need to hold onto it anymore; then I destroy the paper. I often repeat this process till I feel the energy is released. Once the energy is out of my bio-system, it no longer stays inside me to create an energy block. The more I do it this way, the more I allow the energy to flow, and the better I feel. I have come to the realization that all the emotions I have held onto are only hurting me. Writing works well for me, it is very effective and healing. If you wish, you can try it, you will be amazed by this process.

At last, I’d like to point out that we should not hesitate to see a doctor, or to seek a professional medical examine and a modern medical treatment if necessary. The reason I say this is because we do not know what the intensity or complexity our past life energy will manifest when it comes to the surface and how it will affect our physical body and health. We can benefit greatly from modern and alternative medicine. Do not only hold solely onto alternative medicine. (In my truth, this is what happened to Steve Jobs. He did not have to die so soon if he had used modern medical treatment in the beginning). And we should have no fear, worry or panic for it only hinders our healing process.

Where are you at dis-ease? Do you have sickness and health problems? Where does it come from? You can find the answers through your own astrological natal chart and planetary transits. As I am learning more about energy on the metaphysical level, I am more convinced that most diseases are curable if we can clear the energy blocks and release the emotions we have held onto; if we can positively change our thoughts and perspectives, and if we can change our lifestyle, diet and pay more attention to the balance of our body, mind and soul.

“You are more than the physical body. If only humankind would understand this, then there would be far fewer people with disease and illness on the earth plane.” – from Maitreya Quotes App.