There is no doubt now that the world is going through a profound change and we are all feeling it. During the past few months I have felt anger, hatred and unacceptance swirling around as world events unfolded. I believe that it is a necessary unfolding and clearing of energy, but wow it feels terrible. So many people are ill and some are choosing to leave this earth plane. It is so easy to be completely overwhelmed with sadness, and wallow in despair. Yes…I have had days where I have wallowed. And I know that I am not alone for others are overwhelmed as well.

I am known as the eternal optimist, a Pollyanna, the dreamer who sees the good in everything, one who can find a scrap of positive somewhere in the midst of the biggest negative. I choose to continue with this and I urge you to do the same. Look within and listen for guidance from your higher self and those in the spirit world. Find a teacher, a coach, a guide, a healer to assist, for that is what they are here for.

On a difficult day last month I was looking for a document on my computer. I opened a page and Maitreya’s words stood out on the screen to inspire me. “Do not be unhappy any more. Set yourself free and find the happiness that is meant to be for you. Do not fear change; it brings with it wonderful opportunities to change your life forever. Do not let your age stop you either. Many souls have changed direction late in life and made a better life for themselves. If you are an unhappy soul, then find your talent and find happiness.”

May his words inspire you as they inspired me. Thank you Maitreya!