Do You Choose to Accept the Challenge?
by Laura Elliott

Hi everyone! Welcome to June! This month’s channeled message is inspired by a show I was watching on Memorial Day. I feel it’s pretty thought provoking. It can be pretty difficult to love, forgive and not judge ourselves, let alone others. But the Angels remind us and challenge us to reconsider withholding those things from ourselves as well as from others. There are consequences to our vibrational frequency and the ability to raise our Consciousness level by choosing to withhold these things, no matter the atrocities or circumstances. I know that the Earth created concept that is religion would have its believers buy into the “wrathful” God picture, but that just isn’t the truth of the One Infinite Creator. This Being, who loves all of its Creations in all their wonderful differences and complexities, is the most loving Being that neither judges nor condemns. The Creator is the original Source of Unconditional Love, Forgiveness and Non-Judgement. That is why the Angels are reminding us that those are three of the main things we challenged ourselves to remember while having this Earthly 3rd Density experience. We all accepted that challenge by coming here, so let’s start putting more Unconditional Love, Forgiveness and Non-Judgement into our daily lives, with NO exceptions.

As always, I hope the Angel’s message is as helpful to you as it always is to me. Laura

How far are we from a past when things were so incredibly barbaric, even compared to what you now perceive as barbaric. There were times in the past that have no comparison to now. Even worse than what you could ever imagine. On Memorial Day this one who channels for us watches a show about your WWII and Easy Company who found a concentration camp in Germany. It is because of this that we choose this as a topic to speak of this month.

It is enough to bring just about anyone to tears, as it does this one, our channel. There are many “conspiracy theorists” that like to claim that such a thing could not have happened. But we assure you it did. This is on par with the atrocities that have been committed one against the other on this Earth plane. We are not here to judge these occurrences, but to use them as a lesson in Consciousness.

We remind you that these are experiences that were chosen by all involved. There are many facets and influences involved in the decisions of the Collective Consciousness of this planet.  But suffice it to say that all who are here did choose to be here at the times they have chosen to be here. As our last newsletter spoke about, the Angels are always serving among you to help you through the experiences you have chosen to experience. We cannot interfere in your choices made through Free Will, but we may incarnate among you to be of assistance. We also remind you that those who have come in Service to Self do not impinge upon your Free Will either, but use forms of persuasion that convince you to do what they would prefer while you believe it is truly and fully your choice. In this way they circumnavigate the directive regarding honoring Humanities Free Will. If not for their involvement, other choices most likely would have been made. This illustrates the main difference between Service to Others and Service to Self Beings.

The wars and atrocities that have occurred, and still do occur on this planet, are a part of the Service to Self experience. But what you may not realize is that they provide an opportunity for all of Humanity to remember Unconditional Love, Forgiveness, and Non-Judgement. For even in the most extreme cases, it is the Soul’s purpose to remember that these are the three most important attributes for a Soul to live by. It is indeed a challenge to find love in your heart for those Beings that are perpetrating those atrocities. We challenge you to remember that everything, yes everything you experience or hear about in your life are opportunities for you to practice these three tenets. It may not be easy, but it is the challenge that you gave yourselves when you decided to incarnate on the Earth plane. When you are able to live in a space of Non-Judgement, for your choices and others choices, and give Forgiveness to yourself as well as to others, you are then giving yourself and others Unconditional Love. That can be your greatest challenge, and your greatest triumph. When you are able to do these three things without a second thought, then you are truly living in and with the grace of the Creator.

Thank you for allowing us to serve in this way.

As always,

Your Angels

Laura Elliott is an Intuitive Clairvoyant Psychic, Medium, Pet Communicator, Angel Channel and published author. She offers private consultations, classes, and coaching. Her aim is to help clients find clarity, strengthen their own inner guidance, and reach personal spiritual growth. Laura’s website You can also find Laura on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube (messaging with angels), Twitter (@MessagingAngels), and TikTok (laura_angelwhisperer). Her book With Love, From Your Angels – Tools and Knowledge to Help You Transcend This Human Experience (Balboa Press) is now available in print and eBook directly from the publisher at or from