In the past I have been the kind of person who would rather not stand out from the crowd (though somehow I always seemed to stand out anyway lol). I doubted the general consensus and was against it but wouldn’t speak up for fear of people thinking that I was strange, etc. I think on some level I probably agreed with them. Recently however I have had experiences which have challenged this thinking and changed my attitude.

Since January I have had difficulties financially. Somehow I didn’t get much work and especially in the past month I was living off no money for most of the week, which was tough but I managed. I always seemed to have money for the things I needed (which for me was regression, paints, health supplements). The thing that was bothering me was that my solar return chart for my birthday in August showed Saturn in my Second House of earned income, which indicated I would have limited income for the forthcoming year. To avoid this I would need to travel abroad to Chicago where I would have Jupiter conjunct the Sun in my second house of earned income which meant I would earn mega loads of money yay! I kept waiting for the money to come to buy my flight tickets but in the end decided I needed to be sensible and not go to Chicago, maybe I wasn’t meant to go anyway…  On a whim however I asked my pendulum if I should book a flight to Chicago and the answer was yes! (I have never done anything like that before lol.).  I decided then and there I was going to spend the remaining money on my credit card to book a flight. I felt so relieved after I had done it. However I was only going to be there for 2 days as the longer I was there, the more money it would take.

I told people I was going to Chicago for astrological reasons and generally people thought I was crazy and why wasn’t I staying for longer? I came to expect this reaction and was fed up with it, only my hairdresser (who I used to go to yoga classes with and is very spiritual) thought what I was doing was great. Another friend said I don’t get it, but I get you.  Anyway I didn’t really listen to anyone else and was looking forward to going. Even at immigration in the U.S. I had to explain why I was going in case it looked suspicious and the official said everyone was entitled to their own beliefs – though to me it is truth not a belief!

I had worked 15 days in a row before going to Chicago at temporary office work (which doesn’t pay much) so had some money. Also luckily it was my birthday and my sister gave me some dollars to spend and my dad, who never usually thinks of anyone except himself (though I don’t mean this in a bad way) gave me £150 which I was totally not expecting and moved me to tears. I had a good time in Chicago, though by the end I did find it hard because of my sensitivity (I am not good at being around people all the time and I was staying in a hotel). When I was traveling home I was at the end of my tether and said to people in security things like, ‘Do I look like a terrorist???!!. Security is another thing everyone goes along with and personally I think it is a load of BS, that’s just how I see it.

So I suppose you are wondering what happened work-wise when I got home? Well I can’t lie. I have had lots of work. First from the temping agency and now from my teaching agencies (which pay a lot more). So was it worth going to Chicago? Yes it was! The whole experience has reinforced to me that most people are completely clueless about what is going on. I am no longer going to hide what I believe because of what other people think. What is the point, when often they have completely no understanding of what is going on? I have feared people judging me on things like my work lifestyle (as a temporary worker not permanent) and my artwork being simple, but now I don’t give a s**t! I will trust myself.