What is Duality?

Duality is Ying & Yang (as depicted in the diagram below)

Duality is Light & Dark

Duality is Feminine & Masculine

Duality is Life (in the Old Energy)

Duality in the Old Energy is in Survival mode. This has been the instinct of mankind since the beginning of time. Survival also means fight or flight. We live in a society that craves more for tangible success and power to control. Mankind strives to have the best property, labels, etc., sometimes to the extent of sacrificing their integrity or values. There is nothing wrong in having abundance. In fact, each and every one of us has the ability to attract and generate abundance in our lives. I have written about abundance in my previous posts. Abundance does not equate to material stuff only. Abundance can be anything you want or desire at the right time as long as you do not impose on another person’s freewill. This means, if you wish to have a loving partner in your life, you can tell the Universe and draw him/her into your energy. You cannot specify or tell the Universe to bring you a particular person against his/her freewill.

Survival mode in the Old Energy is based on karma and reincarnation. Please read my February post on karma. Duality means that there is always the opposite to balance out the equation. If there are bad people, there are bound to be good people around who will fight for justice, integrity, equality, and so on. Darkness is merely the absence of Light. The prime directive on Earth is for every soul to have freewill. No doubt that each and every one of us carries the Divine Spark within us, it is still our freewill to navigate our lives the way we wish them to be. Some souls gravitate towards darkness and choose to experience it by causing harm or hurting others. This will then create karma or karmic debt(s) to be precise. The karmic wheel will keep on spinning as souls return lifetime after lifetime to fix their problems. This can go on for many, many incarnations if the soul is still unable to learn his/her life lessons on Earth.

If you look at the Ying & Yang diagram, you will see that the Dark (Yang) encapsulates a small Light (Ying) circle and vice versa. The Ying & Yang as a Whole is complete and balanced. In this state of balance, there is stillness where there is no movement in whatsoever direction. Also, in this stillness, there is the all-encompassing understanding of the interconnection of all lives. This is the state of enlightenment where there is no push & pull and duality is non-existence. This is called as nothingness in Buddhist teaching. This state is very, very difficult to attain and very, very few souls can reach this level in their lifetimes on Earth in the Old Energy. However, this will start to change as we move into the New Energy.

Since 2012 of the Harmonic Convergence, the collective mankind passed the marker by choosing Light. As I have mentioned many times, even though Light won and Earth will not be destroyed, there is ALOT of work that still needs to be done to displace darkness as we move towards Light Consciousness. Our world is becoming brighter each day as old systems are being uprooted. It may seem chaotic, and some may even think we are nearing end times. This is just an illusion of the storm before calm. For instance, women who were sexually abused gain confidence to reclaim their power back even after many years through the #MeToo movement. Already, we are seeing the corrupted financial system beginning to ‘wobble.’ How soon will we achieve Light Consciousness depends on the collective. First and foremost, war(s) must end. The energy, resources, and time contributed in wagging war are so wasteful. Some souls will not choose Light and would rather go out kicking and taking as many souls with them as possible. The war in Ukraine is not a war between 2 countries. It is a battle between Dark and Light. Who would have thought that Ukraine would have lasted this long? This is because the world consciousness is more of Light and most want peace. This collective Light energy opposes the Dark energy of Putin (& allies). Putin thought he could overtake Ukraine in a month but he didn’t know about the Shift in 2012. I picked up the energy of a ‘General’ (past life) in Zelensky when I first saw his photo. I knew then that he would not surrender to Putin without a fight. I am not judging his decision but in the Old Energy, what is in the Akash tends to be brought to the surface.

As we move into the New Energy, we can make better choices by choosing the Light. Light Consciousness is in Synchronicity Mode and is multi-dimensional whereas Survival Mode is linear. In Synchronicity mode, not only can one be at peace, but everything will fall into place easily. You don’t have to plan, devise or scheme as in Survival Mode. You just need to relax and you will be guided to the best restaurant, best job, etc. Plus, your body will heal itself naturally and you can also reverse aging. Spirit guided me to 2 persons who had spontaneous remissions, Joe Dispenza and Anita Moogani. Anita Moogani cured her stage 4 cancer seemingly in a matter of days after waking up from her coma. She shocked the medical community. These examples might seem far-fetched to you at this point in time but let me remind you of the 95% of your DNA that scientists called ‘junk DNA’. Spirit/Creator/God does not mistakes. As far as I know, even the poisonous plants have their purposes. The > 95% DNA is where our multi-dimensional consciousness resides and that connects to the creative Source within us. They contain all the codes to self-heal, rejuvenate, reverse aging or in short to be whole /complete. May I say here that we are all whole and complete but the realization itself will bring us to new heights.

You may ask “How do I tap into my multi-dimensional DNA?” The answer is to be ‘One with the Creative Source.’ I was given the name ‘One With The Source’ by Spirit in 2007. I had no clue back then but now it all makes sense. Survival Mode is a very draining, taxing, and stressful mode because you work on a linear perspective. Synchronicity mode allows you to tap into your Divine potential which is limitless. In order to do that, you need to start ’inch-ing’ your consciousness towards the Light consciousness, which is basically Love & Compassion. The more Love & Light you cultivate within you, the faster you can manifest your dreams so why not take the first move today?

I leave you in Love & Light


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