I was once decried by a so called spiritual guru because I ate meat! “We do not eat our friends” was his mantra! It was a small gathering I attended and at one stage the guru insulted a man and his wife for eating meat and called them some terrible names. His message was that one could not become spiritual and raise the vibration if one were not a vegetarian. I had been a vegetarian when Maitreya came into my life, but not because of him. I was with a man who was then a Theosophist and he told me if I wanted to be with him I needed to become a vegetarian, I certainly did want to be with him, and so I gave up meat and fish. During the next 8 years I put on 8 dress sizes, I craved carbohydrates because I was not eating any protein. I had tried eating Soy when in my early career 7 years before when a Naturopath had recommended it, but it led to me being extremely depressed, due to the phytoestrogens in the Soy products. I already pumped out enough estrogen, and the Soy products gave me even more, I was out of balance hormone wise. Because I could not eat Soy protein I was reliant on other natural forms, lentils etc., but it did not help me and I craved the carbohydrates and got bigger and bigger. I also had to stop driving as I was driving through red lights and was out of body a lot of the time.

I was frightened to change, terrified of what my now husband would do and say. I tried to cook lots of vegetables, but this did not fill the need for energy and it was a constant battle trying to keep my energy balanced without meat. Finally, after 8 years I could control the urge to eat meat no more and bought an organic chicken; I ate the whole bird in one sitting, but before doing so thanked the bird for giving its life to feed me protein. Within a few months my husband was also eating meat, as he saw how improved I was in my demeanor. For a while I only ate chicken a few days a week, but gradually introduced other meats into my diet. I began to lose weight and felt better and more alive. I occasionally felt guilty because I felt I was going against ‘spirit’ by eating meat.  As the years passed I did not return to being a vegetarian again, but the guilt got worse, most of my spiritual friends were non meat eaters; I began hiding the fact I DID eat meat; I was channeling this ‘Master’ yet I was eating meat, what would people think of me? When I met my now husband Alan he was just eating fish, he had given up eating meat, but when he started channeling his guide Grey Deer, he suddenly craved red meat, and one day bought himself a steak in the supermarket; he told me he felt it was because of Grey Deer, and I believed him, often those we work with in the next world bring with them memories of their earthly lives and for Grey Deer, he had been a meat eater; I also felt Alan needed to eat meat to help him do the work he needed to do with me.

Grey Deer informed Alan about the Indian way of dealing with the killing of an animal, it was a very spiritual ritual, and it helped Alan understand his desire for red meat. A few years later I met a young man whose parents were vegetarians, and he himself had been raised a vegetarian but he craved meat. I told him what Grey Deer had said and of mine own battle with not eating meat; he was very overweight, but he gave in to his craving and began eating meat; not only did he lose a lot of weight, but he felt better also. Before we went to India in 2013, Alan decided he was going to become a true vegetarian and not eat any meat. He was alright with Soy, so was able to eat Tofu and other Soy products. I decided to join him, especially when the guru told me off and made me feel ashamed for eating meat also. During our time in India, we all were vegetarian, but for me I found I was constantly having problems in staying grounded. I have no earth planets in my birth chart and as such have nothing to keep me grounded. It was no wonder I was as intuitive as I was, I had nothing to keep me grounded to the earth, and Alan was the same. For some reason though, he could cope with it and I could not. I came to the realization we were both on different levels of vibration, I had been doing the metaphysical work long before him and so I was higher in vibration than he was. For him, being a vegetarian was helping him raise his vibration very quickly, he was moving ahead in leaps and bounds.

One of the things I had never done was talk to Maitreya my teacher about this, and so one day I broached the subject with him, honestly expecting to be chided like I had been by the guru all those months before about eating meat and fish; I was so surprised when he told me it was open to choice but also certain people (like me) should not be vegetarian. Had I been in a Monastery, or religious place, I would have been able to cope with it, but I had chosen to be of the world and as such, needed to be grounded, I needed to think, and I was out there as I used to say “with the fairies.” I asked him why he had never told me this before, and he told me I had not asked, unless I asked for advice, he could not advise me because it would interfere with my free will and also could have changed my destiny!  His words made sense to me. One day my friend Jean, who had also become a vegetarian, told me quite boldly that I needed to eat meat, she told me I was becoming so out of body, it was dangerous. I knew she was right, I had become so sensitive to sound, light and energy, I WAS almost out of body. I thought about her words and chose to eat meat again. I was still in India at this stage, it was difficult to buy meat that I liked, as most of India is vegetarian; but lo and behold we found a newly opened Korean store where we could buy the kinds of meat I could buy in the USA. From day one of eating meat again I felt so much better, I felt more grounded, not so “away with the fairies” I no longer was as sensitive as I had been and although I had a big problem in changing my thinking each time I ate meat, I suddenly became aware I needed to do so to survive.

I was shown by Maitreya a book I had read in the beginning of my development work, it was about a place in Scotland called Findhorn and of Peter and Eileen Garrett who had founded the place. Eileen became very anemic after an operation and was told she, a vegetarian, needed to eat meat to survive and heal; and she chose to do so as a matter of survival, the whole of Findhorn was vegetarian, and so they built a special cabin where Eileen and her friend lived, and for just over a year she ate meat until her body had recovered and healed itself. Gradually I became better at ingesting meat and felt so much better inside. Just before we left India, Maitreya told Alan and Jean, they needed to eat meat when they returned to the USA because they would have difficulty in driving if they did not. By now, Alan and Jean had raised their vibration to the state where they too were ‘out of body’ most of the time. On our return to the US they introduced meat once again into their diet and like me when I did, immediately felt more grounded.

It was not easy accepting the fact I NEEDED meat, but I knew I did, personally I WAS more grounded, felt more aware, not so in the clouds as I had done, and began to let go of the guilt being a meat eater had created. I still could hear the voice of the guru in my head telling me we did not eat our ‘friends’ but I knew that was HIS belief, not mine. I had actually met a woman in India who was very ill, and whom I knew it was because she was a vegetarian, but I could do nothing about it because it would have interfered with her destiny, had she asked me about it, I could have told her, but Maitreya had told me nobody is supposed to influence you, spiritually every person has to go with their own feelings, when the guru had told me I should not eat meat and chided me, he was interfering with my free will, and I knew he had done that with thousands if not more people. For me, the hardest thing I found was telling people I ate meat, especially if they themselves were vegetarians. I actually had become ashamed because I ate meat, yet, it was my choice, and I should not be punished or ridiculed/criticized for doing so. I still find myself going back into the old way of shame, embarrassment, but as soon as I do, I say an affirmation to change that way of thinking. Maitreya told me there are millions of people on the earth plane who should NOT be vegetarians, but who believe spiritually one should be in order to attain enlightenment!

It can help your spiritual path if you do not eat meat or fish; I know how quickly Alan and Jean raised their vibration by doing so, however, they could not sustain it without paying the price of being out of body, and on the earth plane it is not a place one wants to be! One cannot function daily in an altered state! Now if someone expresses their disapproval at my eating meat, I remind myself that is THEIR belief system, not mine. It is becoming easier to do. As for assistance in raising the vibration, there are a few things which will help; having a pyramid in the home can help if one meditates under one, or drinks the water from water put under the pyramid. Wearing crystals can also help to raise the vibration, read up on the uses of crystals and how they can raise the vibration. Are you a vegetarian and crave meat or fish? If this is you, it could mean your body NEEDS meat or fish, try to get past your feeling and give it a try, you may be surprised at how you feel. More than anything, if you ARE spiritual and you eat meat, do not feel, or be made to feel guilty by others because you do. Your body knows what it needs, listen to it and if you do need meat, do not be ashamed you do! The most important thing though, is, if you want enlightenment and want to raise the vibration, learn about metaphysics and how to use the energy raising the vibration can bring. It never ceases to amaze me how many people are on a higher vibration, but have no knowledge of what to do with the energy or how the energy can help them! I want to ask you a question, if you are trying to raise your vibration, do you know what a retrograde is? If you do not know the answer to that question, you cannot move forward on your path of higher consciousness, without that knowledge you will never go any further.