Margaret McElroy was my metaphysics mentor. I had never had any experience with metaphysics and, frankly, had no interest and was highly skeptical. She showed up at a networking meeting (billing herself as an astrologer) for a group in which I was a member; and soon thereafter, she joined the group. I came home and told my wife that an astrologer had joined. I said, “Who the heck am I going to refer an astrologer to?” My wife responded, “You can start with me!” Soon, my wife convinced me to go in for a reading; and I was immediately hooked.

We started with some small private lessons in basics and meditation that Margaret and Alan gave to the two of us. We then started attending group meditations. Eventually, we couldn’t resist any longer and signed up for Maitreya’s Master of Metaphysics class; a fascinating weeklong odyssey into a brand-new world.

Margaret and Alan not only became mentors and teachers – they became trusted friends. And Margaret offered so much more. My wife began private intuitive astrology lessons and I would sit in and listen; completely mesmerized by all that I was hearing and seeing. And then one evening Margaret, although, probably Maitreya, suggested that I study hypnotherapy and learn past life regression. Margaret helped me find an instructor and off I went. I spent almost a year taking classes and eventually became a certified hypnotherapist. In the meantime, my wife and I continued taking private classes with Margaret and, at the same time, continued to foster a deep friendship with Margaret, Alan and Jean.

As many of you may know, my wife crossed to spirit in October 2015 and Margaret was one of many who helped me through that loss. But perhaps what helped me even more was the education that I received from Margaret and others over the years; coupled with my belief in ‘the beyond,’ my understanding of spirit, and all that I have learned along the way.

Needless to say, I have learned a tremendous amount over the past eight years. I have learned to listen to spirit; to listen to my intuition; to listen to myself. I have found that all three are one and the same.

And I’ve come to know that the best way to learn about spirit, to learn about life, to learn about our purpose on Earth; is to be open to the words, the teaching and the counseling of others – especially those who you can learn to love and trust. Obviously, the latter comes only with time and exposure; but the former – the teaching – comes from putting yourself in a position to learn from those who have the information; and then to be willing and available to take it in. Throughout my life, I have been a huge proponent of education. I spent many years in school, in college, seeking masters degrees, obtaining a law degree, and more. Since meeting Margaret, I have studied with her and with many others on my metaphysical path. I have even been privileged enough to counsel others along the way.

After a 31-year legal career, And having weathered my 2nd Saturn Return, I have decided to start winding down that life and winding up a new one. I’m starting to live a 2nd life in this one lifetime on the Earth plane. I wish to take what I learned from my metaphysics mentors and find a way to give back – to start a new and different career. I believe that this was my path all along. And I’m convinced that the day Margaret showed up at my little networking group many years ago was an event specifically designed to lead me to this point. After all, there are no coincidences. There’s always a plan (even if we don’t consciously know what it is). For all who actively cross our path, there is surely an interactive purpose – for us and for them. I hope my friendship was able to offer benefit to Margaret. I know her friendship was of tremendous benefit to me.

So to that end, I have started a new business: Karmically Delicious. I will be working with numerous practitioners of metaphysics, many of whom I have learned from; many of whom I’ve trained with; many of whom I have met along this journey and many whom I hope to meet over the coming years. There are countless talented practitioners out there, and many just need a guiding hand to help them practice and expand their talents throughout the region, the country, and the world. That will be a primary goal of Karmically Delicious – to link great teachers with curious and open-minded students.

So to get things rolling, Karmically Delicious is sponsoring a fabulous cruise. Yes, I said cruise! Early on; Margaret taught me about the value of water; and how spirit energy is best exchanged around water. Well, let’s face it. On a ship in the ocean there’s a heckuva lot of water! Spirit will have a field day with us!

This is an opportunity to not only learn from some incredible practitioners (like Alan and Jean, among others), but to do so in a marvelously fun environment aboard a ship sailing through ports in the Mexican Riviera. This will be a week of wonderful presenters speaking on topics as wide-ranging as astrology, mediumship, past life regression, channeling, animal communication, yoga, meditation, chakras and more. There will be live demonstrations of mediumship, past-life regression and channeling. There will be guided group mediations ‘under the stars.’

I believe that education is the key to knowledge, understanding and belief. It is the key to life! What better way to gain education (and improve your life) than gaining it while having a great time?

Join me, Alan, Jean, and many others for a Karmically Delicious week!