Ego Thoughts Getting in Our Way! 

I want to share with you some experiences I had with my ego (also known as the lower self) in its techni-coloured dream in 2007 leading up to my breakdown that year. To illustrate how powerful our egos are, and because many of you will be going through similar experiences, I hope this article will be some comfort to know that you are not alone and to understand exactly what happens in this stage of our evolvement.

Although I teach metaphysics it doesn’t mean I’m enlightened – very few souls on this Earth plane are. I’m as much on my spiritual journey as everyone else, and all of us will be until the day we pass away. I simply wish to share my knowledge and wisdom with you, and I hope you find this helpful.

Our spiritual paths are strewn with boulders and we have to find a way around them to reach our destination. The ego self will put more boulders in our way and increasingly hard ones. The ego needs to be mastered.

I decided to teach after attending Margaret’s metaphysics courses in 2003-05. Margaret channelled ascended Master Maitreya who told us about the lower self (ego) and the Higher Self and how they play out against each other in our minds.

Margaret told us about her life and some of her stories seemed so dramatic – about how her lower self made her go against her intuition and how it sabotaged her spiritual progress by making her constantly think negatively about herself – sound familiar at all?!

Our ego thoughts will make us stop moving along our spiritual path and will bring to light everything we could possibly be fearful of – most of it irrational fears, which when examined we find they are fears hidden deep in our subconscious minds.

Margaret’s stories were so dramatic that I thought she was a drama Queen! I’d never experienced anything like that in my life. I’d had rejection and relationship issues, but apart from that I’d been lucky enough not to have suffered too much – or so I thought! I was a nice person, wishing to help others and life was on an even keel. How could this all be true?

Well, I found out in 2007. My lower self came out fighting. As I got nearer to leading the life that my Higher Self had destined for me – becoming a Metaphysics Teacher and opening a Healing Centre for spiritual development – it hit me like a ton of bricks!


This is the tool the ego uses to trip us up, to stop us in our tracks, to petrify us into depression and anxiety – even suicidal thoughts! And it uses any and every angle it can get a hold of to scare us. My ego made me feel I’m not good enough, it made me afraid I’d lose my money and my house, it made me think that I was dying of every possible disease each time my body had a new ache or pain! It’s difficult to explain feelings, but it was very real and frightening experience when it is happening, and the timing that the ego uses to bring us to our knees is cunning – mine had been to coincide with my menopause – a time when middle-aged women are very vulnerable.

The lower self doesn’t want us to progress – it has the strongest self-preservation – a survival instinct to keep us believing in the illusion, that we are only human beings with bodies and not spiritual beings, and it wants us to stay on the Earth plane, reincarnating again and again, each time going through this same crazy process.

My ego made me doubt if I should be sharing this with you, but I will because many of you will be experiencing, or have experienced similar things and the worst thing is to think you are alone. Well you’re not! This is part of our growth, our Ascension process. We have to keep telling ourselves to realise that our negative thoughts are simply thoughts and not to be trusted, and to be as positive as possible by listening to our Higher Self, our intuition or our inner voice – whatever you like to think of it as. And to keep moving following our dreams.

When we have negative thoughts we must replace them with positive affirmations. Catch yourself thinking something negative and remember it’s just an ego thought, then replace it with a positive, affirming thought such as “I am healthy, I am capable, I am strong, I am worthy.”

Be aware that it is your lower self putting all these negative thoughts into your mind, and  once you notice where the thoughts are coming from you can look at them objectively and not give them any emotional energy. Then you can replace them with positive thoughts and affirmations to boost yourself up.

Remember God loves you. You are doing very well. Continue to say positive affirmations and if done consistently for a few weeks, you will cancel out the negativity. “Be strong my dears, we love and support you,” said Maitreya.

Seek support from spiritually aware people. Don’t listen to people who don’t understand about spiritual development because they can mistakenly lead you down the wrong path. We are so used to being of the physical world that it can be difficult to change our conditioning, but know that you are Spirit and your aim is to reawaken to the fact that you are One with God, the Universal Being, and return to Him.

As ever, with love