The energy we have been experiencing in August is greatly intensified, not only because we have just experienced a Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on August 7th and also a total Solar Eclipse in Leo on Monday, August 21st, but we also have a lot of other planetary movements in the Sky. Many of us have felt the intensity and are experiencing all sorts of sensations, issues, problems, challenges, insights, awareness and healing on all levels; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The Photon Energy is at full strength as it assists humanity to make the radical change that the Universe is creating to support and promote the changes necessary at this time. As a result, humans on the Earth plane are all inevitably affected both collectively and individually. Thus, as the Earth plane moves forward with the impact of Photon Energy, we all need to know what can and will happen as we raise our vibration.

First of all, the Earth plane is in a period of transition, a cleansing period. The Photon Energy is bringing to the surface all that has been hidden with many things. It is not only creating a great deal of stress in people’s lives, but also incredible experiences for all souls on the Earth plane to enable them deal with their deep subconscious energy, much of which is from previous lives or incarnations on the Earth plane. Along with this process, it is also creating many health issues that cannot be diagnosed or explained. Furthermore, it is forcing people to really look at themselves. It is bringing to the surface all the negativity and fear that for years have been buried deep within us! The Photon Energy is enabling many souls to move away from the conditioning of the past, and to change their lives for the better.

For anyone who wishes to raise their vibration to a higher level, then this energy will be a catalyst to trigger the release of old past life energy trapped within the soul memory. A lot of deep buried fear, insecurity, deep anger, resentment, hatred, animosity and prejudice as well as other emotions will be forced to the surface to be dealt with so that they can be cleared away. Unresolved past life issues rooted deep in human evolutionary history are playing out and will need to be addressed again so that humanity can truly move into a new energy. The Photon Energy is fueling many things; especially the way things have been done in the past – conditioning, beliefs, habits and programming. The old establishment is breaking down and the new ideas and new ways of doing things are emerging. This can create restlessness, confusion, chaos and a feeling of being out of control individually and collectively. So many people are finding it difficult to deal with their circumstances and do not know or understand what is really going on in their lives. One way or another, this is happening and it will not be going away anytime soon. However, in the long term, as change is taking place, it is creating healing and enabling humanity to raise its’ consciousness and to create a new way of life.

The Photon Energy is real. It is destined to change the way humanity lives on the Earth plane. It’s purpose it make humanity live in the “Now” moment. The Photon Energy is not meant to be a fearful energy but one of enlightenment, destined to raise the vibration of the planet slowly. By living in the “Now”, the Self-aspect within us is neutralized, so it can’t use the experiences of the past or the uncertainty of the future to create fear within us to stymie the change we are experiencing. Change is the tool of the Universe to move humanity forward. Therefore, resisting the new energy will only make life much harder and more difficult. The time has come. It is our responsibility to let go of anything that we are afraid of and angry with, or anything, regardless whether it is a person, or an issue that we are holding onto the hatred, animosity, anger or grudge about.

Let go of all the negativities, be open and embrace the new energy and the changes it brings to us. As we do so, we raise our own vibration and consciousness individually and together we assist the human race to raise its’ vibration and consciousness on a collective level. We are creating a new Earth and new way of living our lives on the Earth plane! Each of us is an equal partner and an important agent in the process of raising the vibration and consciousness of humanity as a whole.