Emotional Detachment and Discernment
by Jean Luo

The reason that I love the United States of America the most is the right of every man and woman to life, freedom, health, and the pursuit of happiness. I am forever grateful and proud to be a citizen of this incredible country. However, what happened in January shocked and saddened me as I watched the anger, hatred, violence, and division in this country unfold on our T.V. set. It took me back to my experience during the Chinese Cultural Revolution, where the people were turned against each other in the name of defending what they believed as right and true without realizing they were being played by the power struggles among the politicians. It saddened me to see history repeating itself in this beautiful and freedom loving country as people become deeply wounded and more divided. The irony is that what is happening in the U.S inevitably and directly affects the whole world. I wonder how many people really understand that when we are against another, we are against ourselves; when we hurt another, we hurt ourselves; when we destroy another, we ultimately destroy ourselves. This country that I revere so much, the people here and across the whole world are in dire need of serious deep healing that will assist us to come together as fellow travelers on our soul journey, to be united and to live in peace and harmony.

To attain peace in the United States and in the world, we all need to learn emotional detachment and discernment. Emotional detachment and discernment are the two most important life lessons for everyone on the earth plane. The Earth Plane is the stage in a play and everyone’s costume is colored with emotions. Because it is a play, it cannot be real. Thus, everything we see is an illusion. Our emotion is the key component of the illusion and distortion of our reality. Our emotions make us vulnerable, susceptible, and easily dictated to, manipulated, and controlled by the external world – news, social media, people, government, religions, and beliefs, etc. As a result, we are easily agitated and waste our energy by getting involved in conflicts, arguments, fights with each other as we defend our “truth” and beliefs. All this emotional turmoil has resulted in separation, division and descension. Unfortunately, most of us do not even realize it. If we are to fulfill the goal and mission of the Age of Aquarius, we must, first and the most, learn emotional detachment. Without emotional detachment, we will be drowned in a sea of emotions, never being able to see through the illusion, and thwarted in attaining our ultimate task and goal of achieving world peace.

Discernment means that we need to be honest and objective with ourselves and not be afraid of following our heart and inner guidance. To do so, we must be aware of our own emotions and try to detach from them. Does the message or news speak to our heart and soul? Does it uplift us, encourage us, and console us? Does it provide us with honest and thorough information, and allow us to make our own opinions, judgments, or choices? Does it bring us hope and inner peace? Or does it invoke fear, insecurity, confusion, anger, and hatred? Furthermore, we must also watch the action, does the action promote peace and harmony, or division, separation and descension?

We all must go deep into our heart center and ask these questions, and exercise discernment. The creator has created every soul with unconditional love. We are all a divine spark of unconditional love from the Universe, and we all have a destiny to carry on that unconditional love and create a beautiful world with peace and harmony on the earth plane. Humanity has suffered so long thru being controlled and enslaved by those in power and control who use our emotions to divide us against each other rather than unite us. It is time for us to wake up spiritually and to become the master of our own fate and destiny, we need unity and peace, not division and separation!

Each person must make their own choices as to what and who they believe based on unbiased facts and honest information. Inside your heart is your knowing. There is no right or wrong, only what resonates with you. Always remember, when you accept another person’s truth without question, then you cut yourself off from your own intuitive process, and therefore distance yourself from your OWN truth, which will inevitably hinder your own spiritual growth.

Each person has his or her own truth. To become your own person, it is important for you to recognize your own truth even though another person may not believe it. When you accept your own truth, then you become the individual who you are supposed to be. You should also allow others to experience their own truth because everyone is their own unique energy. Once you accept your own truth and acknowledge another’s truth, without argument or dissension, then you become enlightened. Only by exercising emotional detachment, discerning your truth from everyone else’s truth, can you truly and sincerely change and move into higher vibration. Emotional detachment and discernment prevent you from falling in the trap of becoming like a sheep, mindlessly following the truth of someone else. Only by Following Your Own Truth Can You Honestly Become the Master of Your Own Destiny. Only when everyone is allowed to follow their own truth, and accept and respect everyone else’ truth, can we truly build a beautiful world with peace and harmony.