For me at this time, I am just finding myself caught up in the turmoil of our election process here in the U.S. and the unrest in the world in general. It has really brought out a lot of anger from within me. It is easy to get caught up in the emotions of the moment and ride your righteous high horse related to whom you think could best champion the change you think you want and need. Hopefully you realize that change is from your perspective and is somewhat tainted by the lens through which you view the world. While I tend to get more riled up than I should, I have refrained from entering into the social media wars or throwing the television against the wall as I watch the news, even though a part of me yearns to lash out. I can hear Maitreya whispering in my ear why are you wasting energy on this, you could so easily look at something else on the Internet or turn the channel on the T.V. set or use your energy to manifest the change you desire in your life. The meek answer is, I am human, but the metaphysical answer is that we all have our own truth and when you bring emotion into the situation, truth gets lost in the mix. We all have unique life experiences that we have chosen to assist us in learning the lessons we have chosen in this life and most of the time they are much different to even those close to us. So, I can choose to rant and rave at what I perceive to be my self righteous uncle or I can step back from the emotions and try to focus on my own life and issues and wish him a couple things. 1) Thank him for bringing my anger out, better out than in and 2) Recognize that he is on his own journey and wish him well. I remember Maitreya telling me once that if your friend is destined to see a UFO, they will, but if you are not, you could be standing right beside them and you will not see it. So I guess that it’s not to far fetched that me and my crazy uncle could be looking at the same person and I see a con-man and he see’s his savior!

Part of me thinks this is just a trial run for all of us as we head into a period of emotional upheaval that is ushering in a lot of change both internally and externally. Unfortunately, if we get absorbed with the external, we will miss the internal transformation that can happen and that is really what we are here to face and hopefully grow from. I know for me, since Margaret has passed it has been much easier to get sucked into the emotional and wanting to literally run away from the internal lessons playing out for me. We tend to forget that the external just triggers past life energy within us that we have asked to be released and dealt with. Why is what that crazy uncle saying really bothering you? Focus on why he is affecting you? What is the lesson here? What is he mirroring for you? I know for me, even as I struggle, I try and always ask the question, what is this person trying to show me! Sometimes it can be very enlightening, sometime a little frightening, but it will hopefully be an ah-ha moment to grow from. For me, I need to drop the crazy uncle and focus on why Jean, Korinne and Ratna are pissing me off; I mean what are they trying teach me? LOL