What a crazy time here in the U.S. relating to what unfolded on January 6, 2021. It will be analyzed and discussed in the annals of American history, if not World history. We got to witness the power of stimulated group energy first-hand on our T.V., mobile phones and tablets. The energy that emotion carries and how it can be amplified within a group was on full display for us to hopefully learn from. The Universe showed us in living color how powerful it can be. It’s our choice of how we choose to use it. That pesky thing called Free Will!

Sister Aurora, an energy Margaret would often channel often said, ‘your purpose on the Earth plane is to let go of emotions and move away from the emotional body.’ I like to think of the emotional body like a garment we wear that is made of the fabric of our fears, doubts, insecurities and all the negative emotions from our past life experiences. The Universe creates a situation that triggers the emotional body to expose the true texture of the trapped energy locked within us that keeps us trapped in the illusion of what is happening around us. We then react to the external situation rather than look within at the energy that the Universe is trying to bring to the surface for us to personally evaluate, learn from, and then release from our emotional body.

As we witnessed on the 6th, the power when a whole group is stimulated, can get frightening, alarming, scary, and out-of-control in an instant. It’s hard to not get caught up in the moment. We all witnessed how powerful group energy can be when it’s inspired and motivated by someone or something, that we believe is bigger than ourselves.

The power of group energy reminded of a story that was told by one of my Officers on my submarine during one of our patrols. We were discussing religion and I mentioned I had recently attended a particular church and I was surprised in my opinion at how aggressive the pastor was during his sermon. He was spewing Fire and Brimstone from the pulpit. He was yelling at the congregation that they would suffer Hell and Damnation if they didn’t absolutely follow the scriptures. No dancing or unchaperoned time with the opposite sex to name a few. This was a little harsher to say the least than I’d heard during my upbringing. I soon realized I was in the minority, because the Amens and the energy he stirred up was more than I had ever experienced during my church going days.

But I found out this was mild compared to what this Officer had experienced growing up. He said his parents still attend this church and what they did when the pastor whipped the congregation into an energetic frenzy was to bring out the rattlesnakes. The energy of the group paralyzed the snakes and took the parishioners into their own mesmerizing and fearless state of being as they passed the lethargic rattlesnakes from one parishioner to the next. We asked if anyone ever got bitten and the answer was occasionally, but they had anti-venom available and obviously the person had some SIN that they needed to address.

It’s incredible the immense power that group energy can generate, but it’s easy to forget that this consortium of powerful energy started out as Unique Pieces of Stuck Energy that was trapped within each member of the group. Each person needs to ask the same question, “What am I personally supposed to be learning from the emotions I am now experiencing?” Try not to get caught up in the frenzy of the group energy and forget to look within and contemplate the emotions that are being triggered within you? I think a lot of people may be pondering the decisions they made on the 6th as consequences come from choices and those choices often impact a lot more people that just the decider.

We tend to feel safe in our groups, but remember our lessons are at the individual soul level. It’s easy to follow the group, try not to get bitten in the process!

Here is the Maitreya Wisdom Card about Emotions, I think it is applicable now. I know I continue to struggle everyday with my emotions. With my strong Scorpio energy, I can get quite intense and hard to live with at times. Just ask Jean and Korinne! At the end of the day, remember, we’re all a Work-In-Progress.

Have a great month!