Energetic Hygiene

As our frequency rises, so will our sensitivity and potential for absorbing energy. Energetic hygiene is therefore indispensable if we are to enjoy our spiritual journey.

In most instances, merely by radiating love energy through our heart chakra is usually sufficient to cleanse ourselves of negative or discordant energies that we might have picked up from others or our surroundings. To do so, however, we’ve got to be heart-radiant and not just heart-centered. Actually, we are naturally radiant beings and radiate is what we do. Quite often, we only have to refrain from judging and the radiating of love will happen naturally. And what better way to cleanse and clothe ourselves than with our own radiance.

Actually, we cannot even absorb the negative if we have not been negative to begin with. When we judge others and focus on their negative, we lower our consciousness to the realm of the negative and this enables us to connect with and absorb the negative. If we remain non-judgmental, our consciousness would remain far above the negative and there would simply be no resonance between us and the negative for us to absorb the negative.

If we can just free ourselves from judging, we would no longer need any cleansing, sweeping, shielding or cloaking to maintain our energetic hygiene. Because once the cause is healed the symptoms cease to be.

Absorbing the negative is however only one side of the coin. Whenever we judge we do not only absorb the negative but also transmit it. As we are absorbing other people’s fear, hate or anger, we are also emitting (and sending them) negative energy via our judging and negative perception. Many who are sensitive enough to sense this would usually go on the defensive and respond in like manner. This often happens subconsciously and is probably just our survival instinct kicking in. So what we have as a result is a vicious cycle of negative energy exchange that would serve to further entrench us in the realm of the negative. Going on the defensive could very well also be the same reason why we became judgmental, negative and hostile in the first place. But in any tit for tat it takes only one party to stop the judging and the whole negative cycle would cease to be. On the other hand, what might have begun merely as tit for tats between individuals if allowed to continue could always escalate and develop into conflicts between communities or countries.

The more we judge, the more we label things as being negative or wrong, and the more fearful we feel. In effect, our judging makes the world more negative than it really is and makes us more fearful of facing it. We might think we are absorbing negativity from others but sometimes it’s just us creating it via our own judging and negative labeling. In any case, whether it is negativity created by others or our own labeling, it does seem as though a key purpose of negativity is to bait us into experiencing it, focusing on it, and then becoming it.

The more we judge, the more we lower our vibration. Put another way, the more we judge, the more we make real the unreal. The more we refrain from judging, the more we can tell the real from the unreal. If we can really free ourselves from judging and rediscover our divine essence, we would realize that there is actually nothing that we need to cleanse and nothing that we need to shield ourselves from because the real being the real just cannot possibly be contaminated by the unreal.