Energetic Release

There is a battle going on in our world at the moment. It is the Battle between Dark and Light as our world is “inching” towards Ascension status. This is not an easy stage as the gap between Dark and Light becomes bigger. Life itself is not easy for any sentient being. It doesn’t come with a Life Manual on how to live our lives the best possible way. Although there is no right or wrong decision, there are good or bad decisions. Good decisions will bring us happiness down the road whereas bad decisions can bring us suffering, pain, and misery. No one can escape the ups and downs of life.  While we live and learn from trials and errors, and navigate our lives based on our past experiences, there is a huge part of programming in our soul memory that navigates us. This is our subconscious, and it is our default program. Those who have reached a certain level of awareness and live consciously, can circumvent this unconscious program.

What is the subconscious mind and where does it come from? Our subconscious comes from the patterns or habits from our past lives.

For instance, someone who tried to overcome an addiction in past lives may bring the same pattern or habit to learn this lesson again and again until the cycle is broken. Another example can be someone who is trying to get away from the mentality of being a victim.  This person may recruit the same soul as her husband or partner to recreate a similar scenario again. In short, life is not easy if we haven’t reached the level of awareness yet to work through and learn from our predicaments.

All imbalances in our bodies stem from dis-ease and have energetic blocks attached to them.  Our bodies are the vehicles given to us by Spirit in our journey on Earth. The cells in our bodies work very hard to care for us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually as well.  All these aspects are tied to the energetic parts as everything is created from consciousness. Traumas affect the consciousness of little kids greatly as their consciousness is not designed to handle traumas at such a tender age. Some of these traumatic energies will be stored in the cells because the consciousness is not equipped or unable to “solve the puzzle” yet. Over time, if the Inner Child is not soothed or taken care of, it can develop into dis-ease or imbalances which can eventually manifest into physical symptoms in the body.  Similarly, bad experiences can happen in adulthood and can cause energetic blockages too.

Yesterday, we had a great Healing/Meditation group session.  All participants had really good experiences, but I would like share Mile Kaika’s experience because she had a great release. This is her experience. She is more comfortable writing it in her native tongue, but I provide a translation below too.

Mile Kaika’s experience :

Gracias! Ayer fue diferente; es como si un tapón que tenía en mi corazón se explotara” como cuando se abre una botella de champán “ Y salieron lágrimas efervescentes sin control. Pero después en mi calma comprendí que la compasión también es una herramienta que debo tener conmigo misma.

PD Gracias infinitas Kim por ayudarme  a sanar mi  cuerpo y mi alma..

Translation :

Thank you! Yesterday was different; It’s as if a stopper I had in my heart exploded” like when you open a bottle of champagne” And effervescent tears came out uncontrollably. But then, in my calm, I understood that compassion is also a tool I must have with myself.
P.S. Thank you so much Kim for helping me heal my body and soul.

Indeed, I cannot emphasize enough Self-Love, Self-care and to have compassion for oneself is very important.  It is not selfish but self-first. If you don’t know how to love yourself, you will be projecting out this energy and will attract the type of person(s) who will not love you too. Milena felt strong pressure in her heart area because the build-up was too much and she was READY to release. May I say that crying from the soul is a great way to release pent-up energies. Do not ever stifle it. In our Healing group session, I connect each participant with their Higher Self or Superconscious Self or some call Soul. I then connect all our Higher Selves as a collective Consciousness because we are indeed as One. The vastness and the richness in our collective energies help each other to heal that way. Our Higher Selves know what is best for us and when we are ready to heal. Her experience will also raise her vibration a little higher as she realizes compassion for herself now. She has been studying with me for 2.5 years and her perseverance and dedication is admirable. She has become more intuitive as well as more loving of her own self. Well done, Milena!

Have you spent some time listening to your Inner Child or your heart  lately? Start loving and cultivating compassion for yourself. People will be attracted to your radiance when you do.

I leave you in Love & Light.

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