Lately there have been many of my spiritual friends that have been experiencing phenomenon that perplexes even the most aware person. Now I’m not saying that I’m one of those seasoned awakened people. Far from it. And to this day, I experience what I call “energetic growing pains.”

For the last week I’ve been recovering from a trip I took to another state. Not only were there physical attributes of the climate there that I had to get used to, but energetic changes as well.

In that high desert environment there were very few trees and one needed to be even more hydrated than at lower elevations. The air is different as well and it’s unwise for someone not used to being at such high elevations to over exert until they become a bit more acclimatized.

Nonetheless, as I fore mentioned, not only was I dealing with the physical attributes of my location but there was also energy that I wasn’t used to swirling all around me.

The home I stayed in housed a family in which each had their own vibes, ideals and activities to attend to. The atmosphere was hectic with lots of comings and goings, including my husband and I.

Though the house itself was rather large, the energy of the past residents and historical landowners still clung to the area. My puppy was the first to pick up on it. He entered the property and then the house with his tail tucked and visibly disturbed by something unseen. I could sense something too. It wasn’t a negative feeling but more like an overwhelming one. There were times that I would feel like someone was standing in the bedroom observing. My puppy could see it too. In fact, he would gaze into the corner of the room where there was nothing. Later I would find out that it was his ancestors and what was overwhelming was the number of them that were coming in.

As it was the home of avid hunters, there were also trophies of the hunts displayed throughout. The first night there, I was awakened every hour on the hour by my puppy who spent a restless night up and down. Gradually we were able to acclimate better to the energy but by the time we had done so it was time to leave.

I could feel my puppy’s relief when we finally stepped out the door to head home. I too felt a relief. We loaded ourselves into the car for the twelve hour ride home and the closer we got to a treed landscape the better I felt.

It took practically the entire week to feel some semblance of normalcy. I sequestered myself to the house only venturing out once to have lunch with a friend. I took salt and essential oil baths, meditated daily, kept my crystals nearby, grounded and literally just hunkered down. I was exhausted but couldn’t sleep well. I find myself eating less than I was before I had taken the trip. My dreams were vivid and of course with the full moon’s energy…well that just ramped up everything! There were episodes of feeling split between dimensions, of which was not necessarily a painful thing. More like an intriguing feeling. Although it did leave me a little woozy at times.

Finally, as the week ends I can honestly say that I feel much better. I’m not going to say that I feel more “normal” because I don’t. I just feel evened out. Something shifted energetically. I don’t think I was the only one to feel it, either.
Because I’m aware of energy and that it’s basically in a constant state of flux, I’m deftly learning how to recover when there are shifts. Being aware of when the energy starts to shift is a “cue” from the cosmos for us. It’s what we do once we get the “cue” that determines how we ride the shift out.

For some it’s very bumpy, creating a lot of havoc in their lives. For others when this happens, they realize that they must slow down. Get more rest. Drink more water. Maybe even sequester themselves for a little while as they adjust to the vibrations. Everyone experiences and handles these shifts in their own way and must do what works for them. I’ve only listed here what has worked for me. With each shift that comes and goes, I shave just a hair’s worth of time off of the time it takes to recover. Maybe one day I’ll be able to recover within or less than a twenty-four-hour period or better yet, immediately. But for now, I at least can be aware and have an arsenal of things I can do to ease or eradicate even some of the effects.