Energy and The Physical Body

I’ve been discussing all the Energy that has been stirred up around our purchasing a new house. It really has been quite the adventure and a lot of intense energy has most definitely been brought to the surface. For me, I’ve released a lot of energy in terms of anger, and I have let it rip a few times, maybe more than a few if I’m being truthful. I was told in the very beginning by Maitreya that I brought a lot of anger with me into this life to release. It is my choice how I release it when it’s triggered, and this move has provided a catalyst to bring it to the surface like a volcano at times. Fortunately for me, and unfortunately for the three people close to me that I live with, they are impacted and in my direct line of fire. One of those close to me the other day said I should calm down, that the issue that set me off was no big deal and I said, “To me it is and I’m not suppressing it, the energy is real in the form of frustration, primarily about me and I’m not going to push it down, so I’m sorry if I aimed my frustration at you.”

To cap things off, I find out that the energy has manifested to the physical in terms of a hernia due to all the lifting I’ve been doing. I don’t think there are any accidents here, it is energy(anger) within me that is being flushed to the surface. A lot of people think that we only transmute the energy, but often we also choose to rid our body of past life energy via a physical condition. I experienced testicular cancer about 20-years ago and know that I deposited a large amount of anger in a testicle I no longer have. In India, Margaret had to have a cyst in her arm removed. The surgeon called me in a let me view a piece of angry flesh that he had remove from her arm. This was the second time she had to have it removed. As Maitreya explained, for her it was just energy she had absorbed from others that she couldn’t clear in the normal way.

In metaphysical terms, a hernia is about feeling controlled, manipulated, or exploited. I think I’ve expressed that I wasn’t fully onboard with the move and the purchase of the house, I was enjoying the comfort zone, but as I said last month, there is no learning in the comfort zone. So, my “Self” has been feeling controlled, manipulated, and exploited! But it also gives the Universe the opportunity to flush out some past life energy associated with when I’ve felt guilty about a decision or self-sabotaged myself in the past. It all comes back to each of us individually, we just need to accept the energy coming to the surface and figure out a way to release it without hopefully doing too much damage. Thanks to Jean, Korinne, and Ratna for putting up with my outbursts! It’s at times like these that we really need to try and trust in the process of life and the lessons we’ve chose to learn. I’ve just read Jean’s newsletter for the month and the conjunction of Uranus and Mars transit with the North Node in Taurus on July 31st has provided the energy for my emotional outbursts, but it doesn’t mean that I’m not responsible for my actions. As Jean stressed in her newsletter, it’s about communication and I’m a work in progress with my Chiron in the third house of Communication.

Remember, energy is powerful, and it needs to come out and not be repressed or it will end up manifesting as a physical condition which can lead to illness. I need to learn about communicating my feelings to those close to me in a positive way. I’ll try and do better, right now I’m still in the Yelling stage! LOL, how about you?

Have a great month,