One of the hardest subjects for me to teach people is the subject of energy. There is very little written about energy. I did write a book a few years ago entitled, “The Energy of Life,” but since writing it, Maitreya has taught me so much more abut the subject. We have been so limited in our education about energy, whether past life energy, sexual energy, or any other kind of energy really. There is a whole new world when one gets into the subject of energy, and our lives can be changed when we have the knowledge of it.

It may surprise many to know that money is energy! The more energy we give to it in fear and worry, the less money we can manifest! Sexual energy is a subject very few know how to use, never mind discuss with others. Yet, it is the most important energy of all; it keeps us young, healthy and energetic. Whether we have sex with a partner or use a vibrator, we need to release the sexual energy; without it we can be in a state of dis-ease, which then leads to disease!

We give so much of our energy to so many things, in worry, fretting, concern, and fear. These are only a few of the emotions connected to energy. We can actually stop the flow of the things we need by having these emotions. Some, like me until I changed and learned about energy from Maitreya, become Oscar winning performers over how much energy and emotion we give to just ordinary energy in our life. If we had, or have, emotional parents, we can have a tendency to be definitely Oscar winning material even more.

Energy is all around us. Yet, 99% of people have no clue it is there, OR even that we need to learn about it, and how to use it, or how not to use it. I can guarantee the fact, if people knew how to use energy the way it was meant to be used, there would be fewer divorces, marital problems or problems in our lives. So, why don’t we know about energy? The Self part of us does not want to know about it; it loves the drama of life, the emotions, and wrapping you up in so many issues. You have no time for yourself, because you are too busy feeding the energy in the daily grind of life.

Recently, a friend of mine was told to rest. She is an extremely hard worker, but her health was beginning to suffer from all of the hard work. She had been under a lot of stress, so she was banned by those around her from the kitchen! I watched as she had to sit, doing nothing, while life went on around her in the kitchen, with others doing the work she used to do. Her Self was upset, it not only had no control, but also it did not know what to do with nothing to do. Her Higher Self was so pleased, because now with nothing to do, the Higher Self could communicate with her, and she could learn higher knowledge that the Self was stopping her from learning by keeping her busy with work.

My book “The Energy of Life” available in our online store, and gives an overview on energy in our lives and how we waste so much energy every day. Once I learned from Maitreya how much energy I was wasting, I changed my life. I found that I had so much more energy for the things I wanted to do, but never had the time for, due to the Self keeping me so busy. Even though I am blowing my own trumpet so to speak (or write), it is a darned good read!