It never ceases to amaze me how people assume that because one is spiritual, one has an easy life! The fact is, for many mediums and channels, it is the opposite, once one opens the door to metaphysics; one begins a long hard path to enlightenment, which can take many years to evolve. I have said for a long time, it is a brave soul who begins the path to enlightenment. But what is enlightenment? In India many Guru’s or spiritual people have on their resume when they became enlightened with the day, year and even the hour when it happened.

For me, enlightenment is something, which is never completed, for as one begins to get the answers and ‘aha’ moments, enlightenment becomes an ongoing thing. I do not believe it happens the once and that is it, I believe enlightenment, becoming aware of the bigger picture, is a part of an even bigger picture. For me enlightenment is when one begins letting go of fear; when one begins to get the true answers to issues, not allowing the Self to control the answers. It is a time when the Higher Self becomes the dominant factor, and the Self has no control over your life. It does not happen quickly either, and can take many years to formulate and become the dominant factor.

The Self-part of you does not like enlightenment and will do all it can to shatter your awareness and awakening. Enlightenment is the awakening of the Higher Self, but just the beginning. For those who master their Self, life becomes easier, and stress is limited to a degree; but enlightenment can happen time and time again as the intuitive part of you opens up to the Higher Self and one begins to get the answers they have sought for a long time. For me, enlightenment began when Maitreya came into my life in 1992 and has been ongoing ever since. At times it was painful, other times bliss with the answers I was given, and also the awareness.

Only when we return home to spirit can we say we are partly enlightened because one does not have all the answers then, in the next world enlightenment continues, only when it happens, there is no Self part of you to interfere and make excuses for you. In the world of spirit, you are truly in your Higher Self. Only then can one see what the Self-part of you has done to you. So, look forward to your enlightenment, the beginning of it, but know that you will have many more enlightened moments before you finally leave your body. Enjoy every one of them, they are jewels to be treasured and enjoyed!