Enlisting the Self?

Margaret would often surprise people when teaching or counseling them on ways to resolve a particular issue or situation they were in. She would tell them to simply put out the intention to the other person’s “Higher” Self to work with their “Higher” Self to resolve the issue. She was telling them to think positively and ask the Universe to setup a situation that would bring forward resolution. Sounds pretty simple and often the Universe will provide the opportunity we so desperately ask for, we then need to have the resolve and fortitude to walk through the door the Universe has opened. It may require us to speak our truth to a family member or authority with honesty, or it may require us to make a hard decision that impacts a particular relationship we are struggling with. Whatever the scenario, it will require action from us; Enlisting the “Higher” Self is just setting the stage to allow us to make a choice to do our part.

On the other end of the spectrum, she often told the story of how the “Lower” Self can enlist the “Lower” Self of someone else to sabotage us from moving forward as we try to face a fear or situation we are struggling with. The funny story Margaret would tell was about a friend that had had a bad experience learning how to drive and was now at a constant disadvantage because she couldn’t drive. After 2-years it had finally reached a critical stage for her and she worked hard to overcome her fear and had taken the step to start her driving classes again. Just as she was walking out the door to go to her class, the phone rings. It is her mother asking her what she is doing today. She tells her that she has summoned the courage to start her driving classes again and her mother then reminds her of all the problems she experienced the last time she had tried this. As Margaret explained, she had overcome her own “Lower” Self, so it enlisted her mother’s “Lower” self to try and keep her from facing fear.

In both scenario’s the Universe is providing an opportunity to face a fear and move forward, but the choice is solely ours as to which Self we listen to. I was recently reminded of this with one of our students who is learning life lessons about being a little more disciplined, responsible and grounded. This individual has been removed from his comfort zone and placed in a situation that is bringing these attributes into clear focus in his life. Ironically, he just took a call from a “Spiritual” friend of his who is recommending to him another pathway that is just the opposite. Which one does he take?

The choice is always ours to make, but we should think about our decisions from a perspective of our life lessons and not what may appear to be the easier route forward.

Here is portion of the “Choice” card of Maitreya’s Wisdom Card App which is a free download on the Maitreya.co website

“…During your life journey, you are placed in situations that you must make choices about. Often those choices upset those around you, especially those whom do not want you to change. Each soul has chosen lessons to learn as part of their life journey in this incarnation. However, many people never learn those lessons, because they allow others to sway them to remain in the comfort zone. Too often, you back down from moving into a new energy because of the influence of others around you, and the lesson is never learned….”

There is nothing wrong with taking counsel from others, but remember they are also viewing things through a different perspective than you. They may have the utmost love in their heart for you and have nothing but your best interests in mind, but they don’t necessarily understand your life lessons. Their guidance may also be influenced by past life energy that is unique to them and isn’t conducive to your life lessons. Remember, the journey is yours, the choices are yours and your learning will not happen in the comfort zone.

Have a great month,