It’s October and that’s a special month for me, Margaret and my birthdays are October 19th and 17th respectively, plus I arrived in New Zealand to start our relationship together on October 20th of 2004. Ironically, I left the states on the 18th, was in the air for her birthday and landed on the 20th, so I missed it, but I picked up a little stuffed bear for her from the airport gift shop and still remember the little smile on her face as I meekly handed it to her when she opened the door of her home to me in Taupo, NZ at 8:30 am on that brisk October morning.

I could tell you many stories of how I got to that moment, but the crux of it was that “Events”, such as finding her website, deciding to travel to Australia to study with her and Maitreya, ending a 17-year marriage were all “Reactions” to Events the Universe placed in front of me. My free will allowed me to React to the Events, it was ultimately my choice how I Reacted and when. I came to find out from Maitreya that our primary “Spiritual” learning isn’t about sitting in the lotus position saying “OM”, rather it is through the Reactions to the ordinary Events the Universe will present to us everyday as we navigate our daily lives. These Events are the props to the Lessons we’ve chosen to learn and the Karma we’ve chosen to receive or repay. We can start by thinking and becoming aware of what keeps repeating itself in our lives. We need to be vigilant in assessing truthfully how we are Reacting to Events that keep arising. Maitreya stressed to me from the outset, “if you can view life as a game and say let the game begin”, you’re well on your way. Viewing life as a game is a mindset that will assist you in keeping your outlook focused on viewing the Events the Universe is presenting to you as “Mere Tests”, and your Reactions will serve as the barometer the Universe uses to assess your progress.

For example, I had an issue this week over the servicing of my car. The bill amount was about 2 times what I expected. I paid the bill, but in my mind, I wasn’t really happy and didn’t speak my truth by telling them I wasn’t satisfied. I often won’t speak this truth in fear of hurting someone’s feelings or due to my lack of confidence. In my mind, I quickly decided, hey, I have the money, so I let it pass. I even said to Jean after we left the shop, “You know, the Universe provided us with some extra money recently, so we should just be thankful that we can pay the bill”. As you can see through my actions, it’s so easy to rationalize our learning away and that is what I was doing and dragging Jean into my self-justification. Even without understanding my astrology and associated life lessons, of which speaking my truth and non-judgement are 1,2 on the list, this Event of not speaking my truth arises all the time. Obviously, I have NOT learned the lessons yet, because if my Reactions met the test, the Universe wouldn’t be still presenting the Event to me. So, with this awareness in mind, I decided to go back the next day and discuss my bill in person, which was a big step for me. I also decided to voice my concerns in a customer service survey that they sent to me, or should I say the Universe sent to me, a few days later. I was cordial, spoke from the heart and spoke my truth. I am pretty sure that I have many more Events surrounding speaking my truth that will be presented to me to Test my Reactions in the future. The Universe creates the Events according to what we, on a soul level choose to learn in this incarnation. Our life then unfolds with our free will and the Universe constantly creates Events to test our Reactions.

In memory of Margaret I shall tell you a funny story around trying to teach Alan about speaking his truth. We were in England in 2005 and sitting in the hotel restaurant waiting patiently for our food. When it arrived, Margaret decided the food wasn’t prepared to her satisfaction. So, she mentions this to me and I say, “Oh, don’t worry about it, I’m sure it’s not that bad”. For Margaret, if you knew her, Maitreya had mentored her to speak her truth. If you were ever around her in person, you would have found that out very quickly. For me, we’d only been together a few months and I wasn’t yet seasoned to Margaret speaking her truth. She did speak quietly and clearly from the heart, with no agenda other than speaking her truth and being true to herself. What she felt “was not” going to be pushed into her subconscious. i.e. It had to be expressed, not repressed, it was energy. As Maitreya would often say “Better out than in”. Anyway, she calls the waiter over and speaks to him about her meal. It seemed louder than it was, but it prompted me say to her, “Honey, why don’t you just tell the whole restaurant”, because her actions of simply telling the waiter that something was not correct with the dinner she ordered made me uncomfortable. Maitreya discussed the Event later with me and said, “if they don’t know that what they prepared is not right, how are they supposed to change and make things better?” Pretty simple and makes a lot of sense.

A few days later we go into another restaurant and Margaret tells me she’s getting a ham brisket sandwich, but when she orders she decides to have the New Zealand leg of lamb. Remember, we’re in England and I should have known, this was not going to meet her or anyone else from New Zealand’s expectations. I don’t need to tell you what happened when it arrived as I sat there frozen in my chair and Margaret let them know it was sour and not good. As we’re driving away, Margaret begins to channel an energy I knew as “Sister” and she laughingly says to me, “Margaret so wanted that ham brisket, but we knew for the sake of your learning that she probably needed the New Zealand leg of lamb” LOL. This had nothing to do about eating, this was solely an Event for Alan to have a Reaction about learning to speak his truth.

Alas, my awareness around one of my chosen life lessons of learning to speak my truth officially began. Unfortunately, it is now 2018 and as you can see, the Universe never gets tired and is patiently creating Events for my learning; no matter how long it takes!

Have a great month,