Growing up I was always envious of my friend’s Moms who were quick with hugs and kisses. A demonstrative emotional warmth that was missing in my relationship with my Mom. My Mom took care of all my physical needs but I experienced her as cold and aloof on an emotional level. As I got older I met people whose Mom was their best friend and confidant. This notion was totally alien to me as I would never share anything personal with my Mom nor would she with me. There was no “fun” in our relationship it was all practical and stifled emotionally. This resulted in me not spending much time with my Mom except for obligatory visits throughout my adulthood.

This slowly started to change in the last few years as my Mom started to need help and caretaking as she has aged. Caretaking can really breakdown barriers fast! I have learned to accept my Mom as who she is without expectations. This in turn has allowed her to open up and I now see and feel emotional warmth coming from her. A new experience for me. Our dynamic has changed and now I very much enjoy spending time with my Mom and really appreciate who she is without expectations.

From a spiritual perspective all you have to do is look at our astrology charts and some clues emerge. I have Moon in Capricorn. Your Moon sign describes your emotional energies. Here are some descriptions of Moon in Capricorn: Practical, responsible, unemotional, likes structure and control, may be frightened of messy emotions, hide their sensitivity. My Mom has Sun in Capricorn. Your Sun sign describes your life force or vitality. Here are some descriptions of Sun in Capricorn: Resourceful, disciplined, responsible, constant, conservative, need to feel useful, reserved.

I don’t have my Mom’s time of birth so I don’t know where her Moon falls in her chart. But could it be possible that my Mom felt the same way toward me as I felt toward her? I think so. I suspect there was mirroring going on for both of us that kept us at arm’s length emotionally until now. Even though I have been on the spiritual path for quite a while and was aware of astrology and its uses it didn’t occur to me to explore this connection until now. My Mom is 89 years old and every day is a blessing. I’m grateful for how our relationship has evolved but feel like I’m making up for lost time.

I would just say to anybody who wants more information about a relationship or other issues in their life astrology can offer clues and answers.