Everything Happens for A Reason

by Jean Luo

“Everything happens for a reason, and nothing happens by accident.” This statement is easy to say objectively but hard to accept when something happens to ourselves. Human life on the Earth Plane is to be never easy because it is not meant to be easy due to the Self part of us, otherwise, what can we learn from an easy life? How can we attain soul growth without learning from life’s hardship, difficulties, and challenges? We cannot avoid pain from learning, but we don’t have to suffer from pain.

One of the most powerful ways to heal our pain and suffering is to forgive, let go and move on. However, we often were hurt so deeply that the pain is too great to forgive. I have heard many people say that they have tried to forgive, but somehow, the pain and hurt is still there, and they are still suffering, so that just can’t forgive the other soul. Why is this? It is because we only forgive from our mind, but not from the OUR ENERGY!

Having the good intention to forgive is the 1st step of moving forward. However, if we don’t understand that everything is energy, the energy of being hurt and the pain associated with it is alive and real, and it is buried deep in our subconscious. It is repressed and unacknowledged. When we have the intention to forgive, but if we don’t acknowledge the hurt and painful energy within us honestly, the energy will stay untouched deep within, thus, no matter how hard we have tried, how good of intention we have had, we will still feel the hurt and pain.

Only by us acknowledging our hurt and pain, and then allowing ourselves to bring the energy to the surface to be released through a healing crisis – crying, being angry, etc. can we truly forgive. It is all about energy! True forgiveness is to bring the deep repressed hurt and anger to the surface to release it to the air, back to the Universe. Once the energy is completely released and cleared from your energy field, you will no longer feel hurt and pain. Then, you will have truly forgiven, and you will be free from the hurt and pain. By then, you can see the changes not only within you, but the relationship you are in. Remember, the outer world is not a creation but a manifestation of your inner world. Once your inner world has changed, the outer world will inevitably reflect that change.

If for some reason, no matter how much you have tried, you still cannot forgive. If this is your situation, I would suggest you have an in-depth astrology reading and a past life regression. You will find out that you have chosen to go through such experiences for one of the following reasons: karmic experiences, past life issues, or to learn life lessons. Everything in the outer world in our reality is a mirror and reflection of our inner world. Everyone in our life is a teacher and mirror for what we have chosen to learn. They are the triggers to assist us to look within so that we can finally heal ourselves and move forward to higher vibration.

If you have chosen it as your karmic experience, then it is you who wish to go through such an experience so that you can equalize and balance your energy. Margaret once helped one of her students, who was a powerful and gifted healer, but this lady had so much anger and resentment towards her father, who was on his death bed and had asked her to forgive him for what he did to her when she was a little girl. But she could not find it within herself to forgive her father for what he had done to her. So, Margaret’s then husband did a past life regression with her. When this young lady found out what she had done in a past life, she broke down and cried and cried uncontrollably. She realized what her father did to her was only a tiny portion of what she did to others in a past life. This realization enabled her not only to completely forgive her father, but also thank him for helping her to work on her karma.

If you have chosen to release the past life energy, you will be triggered to bring such energy to the surface by going through a hurtful and painful experience in this life. It may be very traumatic, but you chose the experience for your learning. Only by doing so, can you truly connect with the past life energy and to release and clear it forever.

If you have chosen such hurt and pain as part of your learning life lessons, such as forgiveness, self-love, self-confidence, self-reliance, or standing up for yourself, speaking your truth and expressing your feelings, or communication, then you need to do so in order to learn the lesson and to grow.

Life will always bring us pain; thus, pain is inevitable. However, pain is not a punishment or curse; it is a necessary learning experience for our soul growth. Once we learn to turn pain into power, everything changes. Find out why you have chosen to experience the hurt and pain. There is always a reason for it. Find the reason, then you are on your way to healing and transformation. Through the experience, you can become a great healer and a powerful gift to the world and to humanity.