Margaret is doing her first Meditation and Channeling event this weekend since we returned to India. We are charging a small fee, 500 rupees to attend the event to pay for the hall. One of our Indian friends mentioned that people were not accustomed to paying for Spiritual events in India. I asked him why and he stated that people felt information from God should be free. I smiled and asked him, is anything ever really free? He was a bit uncertain with what I was implying. I asked him how the Guru’s of India paid their accounts, fed themselves and their followers. I remember when the world renowned Indian Guru Sai Baba’s living quarters were opened up for inspection after his death, they found 98 kilos of gold, 11.56 crore in cash ($1.85 million US), and 307 kilos of silver. I am not implying he shouldn’t have had it, that is none of my business, but I illustrate it here to point out it must have come from somewhere. Was his Spiritual teaching really for free? Someone was supplying the money so that he could do his work.

I also just saw a recent post on our website questioning why Maitreya would charge a fee for services echoing the same theme; shouldn’t information from God be free. One of the first things that Maitreya explained to me when my relationship began with Margaret was that his mission with Margaret was to be of the world. To experience life as the majority of humanity has chosen to experience it. To have a family, to have a job that supports her, to experience the hardships and pitfalls that life challenges us with that becomes the foundation for our learning. She did not choose to come back and live in an Ashram and be supported by the community around her. With that said, how is she supposed to support herself and pay her accounts? The math doesn’t work; free does not pay the accounts.

In today’s society, there are many in the Spiritual movement that utilize their gifts full and part-time to assist them to not just pay their bills, but also to compensate them on their efforts to hone their skills. This may be to pay for a past-life course or even the time and effort they have put into their craft. In my opinion, it is very crafty of the naysayer’s Self to convince them that in this day and age, Spiritual knowledge or development is free. Nothing in this world is free, but it is a cheap way of judging those that are practicing their trade.

Most people do not realize why the Gypsy fortune-teller said, “Cross my palm with silver”. There are actually two reasons; the first is obvious, this is how she sustained herself. The second is the age-old secret that is lost to most individuals, their needs to be an “Exchange of Energy” between the parties’. In many cultures, when one is invited to another’s home for dinner, they don’t arrive without some form of gift as a form of exchange whether they are conscious of what they are doing or not.

In other instances, some people actually owe the individual or group Karma for past life actions, so this service without charge is actually repayment across lifetimes. Margaret has done many readings and services without charge because she had the knowing or feeling that the person needed the service and that she was to do it without charge. Whether it was Karmic or she was paying forward, that is an individual decision.

Ironically for me, we did a free channeling several years back in Croatia. One of teachings that Maitreya discussed is the concept I stated above about an exchange of energy, except he taught it from the perspective of a “Laborer is worthy of their hire”. He discussed the time, effort and expense related to the laborer honing their craft. He obviously knew that a lot of the individuals attending were healers and clairvoyants that their living depended on being compensated for their skills and gifts. There happened to be an older lady in the audience that was quite adamant in the question and answer period that any gift from God needed to be free. I stressed to her that people had to pay their bills and that we weren’t living in the past where Spirituality primarily resided within the Church and that the clergy were being taken care of by their community. The answer seemed to pacify the group, but then one person got up and asked why we weren’t charging for our event. I told them that since I had ventured down my Spiritual path that my outside business interests had really provided me with the money to promote Maitreya with my own funds. You know what, they really didn’t buy it and said an exchange of energy should have been required and you know what, I had to agree with them.