Expectations No More!
by Linda Zeppa

For reasons beyond my control, I have stopped having expectations. No, I haven’t given up all hope. I have been forced to look at things and allow things in a whole different way. Universe has a strange way of setting out what needs to happen and what we need to experience. As Maitreya says, “There is a reason for every action on the earth plane. Nothing is by accident.” I finally get it.

So I am catching myself when that word “expect” creeps into my vocabulary, and changing it, rewording it, rethinking it or deciding if I need to use it at all. Here is the major place that I have caught it.

I’ve grown tired of others, my age and younger, who constantly talk of being old. It has been mirrored enough for me! “I’m just not where I expected to be at this age and time in my life,” or from others “You should have this at your age”. Well what are the expectations of a sixty-something year old anyway? I realize that these ‘expectations’ are what society sets up and I, as an individual, do not have to adopt them. Old age, senior citizen, retired…all expectations of society that we expect ourselves to live by.

Well guess what? That does not have to be. I am not ready to fit into that mold of old, and probably never will be. Yes, monetary issues are a huge part of that, but I am grateful for what that has taught me and keeps me doing. I have so much to do and say and give and take. I am grateful for my “young” age of sixty-something with the opportunity and drive to do more and be more and develop the beautiful spirit that is me…all the while assisting others with the same.

Expecting for me has evolved. It has evolved into accepting and allowing. I accept and release all the lessons that I have learned, particularly from hurtful situations. I accept where I am and allow all the peace and joy, past and present, to permeate my being. I accept my great gifts and allow them to come through for my betterment and the betterment of all. I accept change and allow myself to evolve with it. I accept peace, love, joy, money and abundance, and allow it to flow through me.

Soften, accept, allow, and evolve.

And so it is.

©Linda Zeppa www.intuwriting.com