As I write this I think of my father, it would have been his 96th birthday today, so happy birthday to the incredible soul who chose to assist me to navigate my current incarnation as a vital component of the journey. When I look in the mirror, I see him; when my insecurities arise, I feel him; when my kindness appears I sense him; when I am somewhat fixed in my ways, I smile at the memories; when my frustration boils over into an angry outburst that I throw at those most dear to me, I relive a childhood experience.

Ironically, in all the experiences, my father was simply playing a role to show me aspects of myself that when the time was right, I could have the ‘aha’ moment and become aware of aspects that need attending too. I will be 68 this month and the ‘aha’ moments keep coming. Don’t hold grudges against anyone, especially family members, because in the bigger scheme of life and soul journey, they are just teachers and mirrors for us.

“Family relationships are some of the most complicated and challenging situations to deal with. Yet, it is also the environment where the soul can work out karmic debt, past life energy and learn valuable life lessons. It is the best place to learn about love, acceptance, compassion, and detachment.” ~ Maitreya Wisdom Card #33 – Family

Our life experiences, as we endured them, were harsh and unfair at times, but hopefully as we grow older, we can see painful experiences from a different perspective; one of soul growth, karmic repayment, or a life lesson we have chosen. Try not to hold onto the energy of the experience, let go of it, release it to the Universe, and clear it from your soul memory. The experience, which was real to you at the time, was a triggering event that the Universe used your ‘Loved One’ as a catalyst to spark a deeper past life energy that was trapped within your etheric body. Hopefully as you grow older and move on with life you can see the event from a perspective of soul growth and evolution. So, try and process the energy, release it to the Universe, so you won’t carry it into another lifetime to be dealt with again.

Margaret used to tell the story of a lady with arthritis that came into her shop looking for a crystal to ease her pain. As Margaret tried to get to the root of her issue, it came out that her sister, in her mind had wronged her and as the lady spoke the words, ‘I will never forgive my sister’, Margaret could see the arthritis in her clenched fists become more inflamed. This had been going on for 20 years in this lifetime and probably a few lifetimes.

On a personal note, my father disinherited me as I embarked on my metaphysical journey, but I can honestly say I hold no grudge. Was it Karmic or a Life Lesson I chose? I can truly say, life is good, the Universe has definitely taken care of me. With Love in my Heart, I can honestly say thanks Dad, you were an incredible father, mentor, friend, and teacher to me, so Thankyou and Happy Birthday!

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