Family and The Journey

Probably the most difficult aspect of my Spiritual Journey is what transpired on a personal level for me relating to my immediate family. As in most things I do, I either fully engage or don’t engage at all. Maybe that’s why I came back as a Libra Sun sign, to learn to have a little more balance in my life. I’m still working on that! Lol

To make a long story short, I ended up leaving my life and family behind as I started my new adventure of “Spirituality”. On the one-hand, Margaret and Maitreya had my full attention because I didn’t have any strings attached, so to say, but while my actions may have severed the physical ties, the emotional pain and anguish that came with the decision was very real. Fortunately, I did have an understanding of the past lives that were playing out between all of us and that knowledge allowed me to rationalize as best as I could why things were unfolding as they were, but the energy was real, had consequences in the everyday world and it continues to play out to this day. That is the reality of how energy is released from our etheric energy field. While a physical action or decision starts the ball rolling, the emotional release of the energy and the deeper understanding of the situation unfolds over many years when the soul is ready to face that facet of the energy.

It’s been 15 years for me since I made those life changing decisions. Margaret has now been gone for 3 years and I am preparing to go visit my son who just turned 30, who I haven’t seen in 6 years, and ironically, is in his 1st Saturn return (there are no accidents). As I write this, my stomach has a large ball of energy that is working its’ way to the surface and I have trust in the Universe that things will unfold as they are meant to. When it comes to family and our difficult life lessons with them, detachment with empathy are needed because the pain and anguish we/they feel are real. It’s easy to forget that the emotional turmoil of the moment is just a superficial trigger for deep past life energy that is trying to be released. It’s easy to say, detach and have empathy, but when emotional arrows are heading your way, not so easy. BUT, that’s the test. I have failed several times in the past, but the Universe continues to be kind to me and let’s me take the test as many times as I want! Lol

Wish me luck and have a great month! – Alan

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