All of my life, I have had a fear of death and dying. It could be the fact I have 3 planets in Scorpio, because people with Scorpio planets are usually frightened of the subject of death. It was so strong a fear, despite the fact I have been working for the spirit world for over 30 years, been spoken to and advised by spirit in a real voice, and worked with Maitreya for over 21 years. Finally, I decided to actually face the fear and look at why this fear was there.

I knew I had died in one life by having my body dismembered, and it was this memory that was actually causing the fear. It was very hard to face it and actually see it, because when the memory came up, it was so real. The fear was made stronger by the fact that the person who did this to me in the past life had been someone in my life now, someone whom I knew very well, but is no longer in my life. Even worse was the fact that I had my tongue cut out before I died.

It took a lot of effort to look at that life, to affirm I had no more fear, and let the fear go, but I did. I no longer have the fear, just a curiosity now. At the time, I was helped even more, because it was around when Steve Jobs died, and his sister recalled him saying in wonderment, “Oh Wow, Oh Wow, Oh Wow,” as he left his body and passed over.

I had such a shame most of my life that I had the fear of death and dying! How can one go through the experiences I had gone through and have that fear? Once it was gone, I no longer had the shame either. I had always run away or just not thought about the things I feared. I remember at ten years of age going to have my tonsils out at the hospital and putting myself at the end of the line of children waiting to go into surgery. As one child left the line to go in, I moved back until I was the last, and the nurses were angry with me for doing it. I was actually frightened of having the anesthesia, and dying under that.

Fear is absolutely terrible, and if one cannot face the fear and remove it, it can stop one’s entire life and destiny. We have come to face our fear, but how many do that? Not many will. Usually the fear is because of a past life. My fear, I also discovered, was because I feared I would not fulfill my destiny and life lessons, I had so many.

What fears do you have? Where do they come from? Do you run away from them like I did? Until fear is removed from the soul memory, it will stay there incarnation after incarnation. For me, I had so much fear, it took Maitreya 20 years to help me remove it from my body, and that was having a Master’s assistance.

I no longer have any fear, and it is a wonderful, liberating feeling. Without the fear there, my intuition has increased so much I frighten myself with what I am capable of in my work. People ask me, “How did you do it?” And, I have to admit past life therapy helped me enormously, probably 80% of the removal of the fear was due to that. But, actually looking at the fear, not running away and dealing with it, was the other 20%.

The one thing I did find AFTER letting go of the fear, was that it was not as fearful, or such a bad thing, as I visualized it to be. After releasing the fear, it seemed so minute, whereas before letting go of it, it seemed humongous! Is it time to let your fear go? If it is, let it go, face it, and do not keep running from it. If you do let go, it will change your life so much, and you will become so powerful inside yourself.