Fear – What is it Really? What did Maitreya Teach?

Hello there, isn’t this the strangest time of our lives? The whole world is experiencing the Corona Virus, leading to COVID19 at the worst, and most people are feeling anxious and fearful. But also, the wonderful thing is that the whole world is working together to support each other, to keep each other safe and survive this pandemic.

Can you feel the Fear more than usual at the moment? As soon as I hear the News comes on the radio & TV, I can feel my mood instantly drop and feel a slight anxiousness descend upon me. I have therefore chosen not to listen to it. I rarely buy newspapers or read them online anyway, but when I’m listening to a music station on BBC radio here in England, they read News on the hour and every half-hour, so sometimes I can’t miss the latest death tally in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Maitreya taught us that there is only either Love or Fear. If you’re not feeling God’s Love or the Peace of Spirit in your heart and mind at any time, everything else is linked to the lower ego self and is, therefore, fear-based.

In ‘A Course in Miracles’, Jesus teaches exactly the same thing because ascended masters are coming from the One Source. There can only be Love or Fear, and our purpose is to be in a place of peacefulness and Love at all times, and to heal our unconscious minds so that we rid ourselves of the fear in them. Every time we feel ourselves being drawn into the mass consciousness of fear, we need to actively pull ourselves back. We need to re-mind ourselves what the Truth is and to actively focus on Love, Peace and God.

This Earth, our world, is an illusion of our lower ego self’s making and the ego just loves to keep drawing us back to it. The ego doesn’t want us to become enlightened, loving beings. I can hear Margaret calling the lower ego self a really good swear word, which I won’t repeat here!

Fear is ONLY linked to our lower ego self. It is in NO way connected to Spirit or our Higher Selves. Love and Fear are the only two true opposites, and only one is real – i.e. Love! What we usually think of as opposites, such as good and bad, black and white, light and dark are also of the ego mind. There can be NO opposites in God.

Why is that? Jesus teaches that Source is pure Love. He doesn’t see our imperfections and doesn’t acknowledge our trials and tribulations. All of our “stuff” (another Margaretism!) is only connected to lower ego self and fear, which God doesn’t get involved with.

God sent representatives such as Jesus and Maitreya, to show us the way out of fear and lead us back to the Light. We have a choice – and as I write my Maitreya Wisdom Card for today arrived and it’s “Choice”! So let’s choose wisely. What are you choosing in this moment? Which would you rather align with? Love or Fear? Well, that’s a “no brainer”, surely?!

We were raised in the ego’s belief system, therefore, it takes focussed hard work and persistent awareness to move towards the Light and to make the changes to our mental habits that we need to become and stay enlightened.

After my family, Russell and Frances, and I came back from Margaret’s Metaphysics courses, we used to stick bright yellow Post-It Notes all over our kitchen and bedroom walls, and on the doors leading from one room to another! We covered our house in re-minders of what we’d learnt so that we would be re-minded wherever we looked. No, it wasn’t pretty, but it worked! The notes said things like:

Let go and let God – my favourite!

Meditate to connect to Spirit.

Ask Spirit for guidance.

Speak your truth, quietly and clearly.

Face the fear.

You can do it!

Margaret advised everyone to have a healing session at least once a month for our ongoing well-being. In times of self-isolation we can all practise Reiki on ourselves – the 21 day self-practice would not go amiss during this world-wide Lockdown. If you want to be attuned to Reiki, there are sure to be Reiki Masters offering online coaching.

Please remember that feeling fearful IS a choice. Personally, I’ve chosen to not allow it into my mind and heart. I don’t listen to the TV or radio News 24/7, it’s not necessary. Many Lightworkers never read the News anymore. If I do hear it, I forgive and release it straightaway, which always brings me peace.

So, how are you doing? How are you spending your days? I’m taking this time to catch up on some reading and have more time to do my spiritual practice. I’ve been creating some art – just for me – not for public viewing! And I’m keeping fit by jogging and walking, which is possible where I live. I’m communicating as much as possible with friends and family, and with strangers on social media!! I’ll talk to anyone to try and calm their anxiety (fear) as much as I can – I’m sure you are too.

It’s been lovely connecting with you, and if you’d like to visit my website please leave me a comment, even if it’s just a “Hello”! It’s important to connect during this pandemic, and if website Contact forms is the way to do it, let’s connect!

Stay safe.

Love as ever,


Jacquie Verbeek