Feel Good and See Your Daily Life Change

We are made of energy and as such are like radio transmitters and receivers.

In such a scenario, whatever we think and feel emotionally happens – not exactly same as the thought itself but similar situations occur that match our “emotions” or feelings.

For example – if you are feeling irritated about something or someone’s behaviour, then there are high chances that similar situations will again present themselves to you that will bring about more irritation or negative feelings.

Why?? Because like attracts like!! The universe reads your deep feelings and gives you more of that. :))

Lately I have been studying Abraham-Hicks “Law of attraction” teachings and this is what their basic teaching premise is – that you will attract those experiences in your life that are similar to your current emotional state either from this life or those that are a sum total from your past life (which you cannot change).

So here I am sitting and getting irritated about one of my colleague’s actions and I am thinking why the hell does she do that?? And day by day as the days progress, all I see are her bad actions. The more I see it, the more irritated I get.

But from the time I followed what Abraham Hicks said, I tried to acknowledge my negative feelings and treated them like a GPS system – I understood that my emotions are just there to guide me and inform me that I have negative feelings/emotions (it doesn’t matter because of whom or which situation or why). I didn’t need to feel bad.

Abraham Hicks says to treat emotions like “indicators” and don’t be judgmental about how/why you feel. Just know that by feeling down/negative you are far from your desires and that those emotions only tell you that you are not near your desired manifestation.

Once I acknowledged the feelings, what I did was – I tried to do things that made me feel good “slightly” – sometimes just watch my favorite TV show/movie (Friends/Bollywood movie), or read something interesting that I like (currently reading Robert Monroe-Far and Ultimate Journeys), or talk to friends/family I would enjoy talking to like my mum, or pet a friendly stray dog (His name is Blackie) or play with a neighbors toddler who is so cute.

I didn’t expect my emotions to change drastically because as Abraham-Hicks says “If you are moving at 180 miles per hour in one direction (negative emotion/feeling in this case) it is not possible to go in the opposite direction at 180 miles per hour, but you can surely change direction 1 mile per hour” by just doing things you like to do. Now that’s easy to do!!

By doing this, I was able to change my focus from something negative to something “positive”. Just by this, my emotional state changed from irritation/negativity to positivity. General positivity & happiness, and not necessarily related to any person, situation or thing. At the end of the day I was feeling better than earlier. (After all, our life purpose is to be happy and that’s what happened).

Now since the foundation is of positive emotion, more and more positive emotions started coming in, I started feeling better slowly and I found that I didn’t care what the colleague did anymore. I was just feeling good, in general. Eventually, sometimes not only did my colleague not do those irritating things, but some other desirable good things started manifesting for me at that time.

Hence, this is the key to Manifesting desires or LOA.

Bottomline –

1) Use your emotions to guide you, purely to help you understand your current state of emotions. Be non-judgmental. Be playful.

2) Once acknowledged, change your focus to small things (remember 180 miles??) which help you feel “better” not necessarily “best”.

3) Allow the focused feeling of being happy to grow on its own.

4) You may find that your deep desires are starting to manifest, because now, like is attracting like. The more “feeling good” you are, you become a receiver of similar good feeling situations, people and things.

Well, Abraham-Hicks teachings has some more aspects/teachings. And I will share them as and when it is meant to be shared. Until then, try to use these guidelines, if you wish to. And you can share with us, if you have any Abraham-Hicks related manifestations or wisdom.