Fight for Your Right

I like to use Astrology as a tool in my metaphysical studies and practice. Through Astrology I am able to give valuable insights to people in need. So, this is my story.

My birthday was in June and I was excited to get a glimpse at my Solar return chart, just to see the astrological energy configuration that will influence my coming year.  I was so happy to see that I’ll have fiery Mars in my solar return chart! I don’t have much earth or fire energy in my Natal/Birth chart, just my Chiron (asteroid) in earth and Neptune (transpersonal planet) in fire. I need some fire in my life because I’m prone to becoming a “couch potato” person.  I need motivation so I can proactively take action – I would consider even a foot in my behind to push me forward. Anything so I can move! So, when I saw my solar Mars proudly standing in my 6th house in feisty Aries, I saw myself as Joan of Arc, in my shining armor ready for battle. She didn’t have much, except her complete faith in God which gave her bravery and courage. I can share with you that I feel like I have this energy.  I don’t have any fear of what is coming, or how I’m going to manage new situations.  I just have faith that I’m protected, guided, and will be provided with anything that I need.

I’m boiling with passion to change things around me, to become a beacon of light to others and to step out from my comfort zone!

I’m clearing a lot of suppressed anger (which is rightfully there) but knowing that I don’t need anger to guide me. That anger is just a sign in the dark, showing me in which areas of my life I feel repressed or wronged.  Blaming others for my anger is one step in overcoming this anger because I know that “others” involved in this story of my life are here as teachers and mirrors for my shadow (suppressed) self. Without them I wouldn’t have a clue of what I don’t need or want in my life. They help me to overcome my deeply rooted emotions, fears, and obstacles.  When you find out that your only obstacle in your life is You – then your spiritual journey can begin! And whenever I feel stuck, I return to Maitreya’s teaching so I can remind myself that there is always a new, fresh perspective to look at your “Self” and your choices.  You have a choice! We all do! So maybe this Mars in Aries ( now station in order to move retrograde in September) and Uranus retrograde in Taurus (until January) will punch you from behind to make that step into new challenges, give you power to fight for your rights and for your life. Choose your battles carefully but be aware of this energy pushing you from your comfort zone and be thankful for opportunity!