Finally, in My Higher Self
by Hrafnkatla Valgeirsdòttir

I did not know how capable and powerful I am.

Now I know exactly what I want to do with my life.

I now know what group of people I will specialize in counseling.

I will counsel both perpetrators and victims of violence.

The focus will be on the first attachment.

Mother and father wounds.

The root of violence in intimate relationships.

There´s no coincidence that I wrote a BS degree study about attachment between parent and infant.

There´s no coincidence that I took a Chiron healing course with Jean Luo, Healing Your Deepest Wounds.

I´m so amazed that everything is falling together, every puzzle piece has finally been put in the right place.

I see everything so clear.

I´m opening up to life itself.

There is peace in me.

Nothing can surprise me anymore.

I´m fearless.

I love everybody.

I´m now ready to fulfill my destiny.

The things I chose before I came into this life.

I see no bad things.

Everything is neutral.

I´m full of appreciation for all the experiences I´ve been through.

All the teachers who have done very difficult jobs to help me experience the lessons I wanted to finish.

I love them all.

It took me fifteen years to completely open up to spirit again.

Fifteen years of endless lessons.

I´m now finally again in this state and much better balanced than before.

After all my hard work I am here.

Now I know how to handle this state.

Now I sit in my own silence and I feel the peace that passes all understanding.

The mind is empty, no worries or thoughts about the future or the past.

I´m HERE in the NOW.

This is life.

I just want to sit in my car out in an empty field and be in my own silence.

This is life.

This is the ever-flowing energy of the universe.

I´m no better than others because of this experience and hard work.

This is just my way.

I´m finally following my path.

I will never be fearful, have doubts or be bitter anymore.

This is life and this is the happiness.

I´m connected to the earth.

I´m connected to spirit.

My heart is exploding with love.

I´m walking now into my heart, the gate to my soul.

There´s no obstruction in my heart anymore.

I´m walking through the tunnel to my soul, to my Higher Self, to all that is, and I will never turn back.

I see a light at the end of the tunnel.

There is my people, loved ones in spirit, guides, masters and they are showing me the way to the hall of mirrors.

There´s pink roses with their wonderful scent everywhere.

Everyone there is making a circle and holding hands with each other and they invite me to come and close the circle.

“Welcome again” they say “We are proud of you. Now you know that we have always been here. But now you´ve taken the curtain away. Now you remember how to connect us right away”.

I say: “I love you all, you´re I and I´m you. There´s no difference or distance between us”.

Jesus and Kutumi walk to the circle, Jesus raises his hands above his shoulders to give some light.

Jesus says: “We are one, everybody here is one, everybody in the universe is one. Now you feel in every part of your being that you´re reconnected to higher consciousness”.

I´ve feel no anger or bitterness anymore.

I can stand in front of a murderer and tell him that I love him, and I would give him a long comforting hug. Because I am he and he is I. We are one with God, the ultimate being.

There´s no separation between me and a murderer. He is I and I am he.

This is the Higher Self and I don´t know how I can describe how beautiful this is.

I´m ready now to serve humanity, my destiny.

If I can help one person, then my journey has a purpose.

I´m ready to do that with all of my heart and my soul.

I´ve healed myself.

I had to heal myself first.

Now I have the ability to help others.

I don´t need any money or material things.

I know how to live fully and freely.

I´ve become a master of myself, my soul.

Now I understand everything about myself.

The puzzle is finished.

I´m ready to work with spirit to help humanity to heal themselves and reach a higher consciousness.

I see a lot of light coming from behind and there´s God, the ultimate energy, the highest energy and there´s peace.

I remember that I have seen it, her or him often before.

I say: “I love you. Thank you for giving me this opportunity”.

There´s peace.

“You´re here because of you” it, she or he says. “You´ve been here in my energy before and connected to me but you decided to go back to Earth to learn more and feel more. To get a stronger connection to the universe than before. There´s no past or future and never have been. Finally, you opened the curtain”.

I always have been, I AM and I will be.

The ship is in the harbor.

There´s peace.

The mind is perfectly still.

The self has stepped aside.

I say: “Thank you for your job. You´re welcome to be here but not in the front. You want to control but there is no need for it anymore”.

There´s peace.

I say: “You don´t have to react or make drama. But you can continue to be with me. The higher self have taking the charge”.

My heart is crying of happiness.

There´s peace that passes all understanding.

I´m save.

I feel endless love.

I´m so thankful.

I´m so lucky to experience all this.

When I heal other people, I am also receiving self-healing.

When I am counseling others I´m counseling myself with everything I have learned.

It´s like I am counseling myself in the past with all the knowledge that I´ve gained now.

I´m now ready to do that.