The last few months have been very unsettling for us as we moved from San Francisco to India, and India to Australia. One of the issues when one becomes metaphysical, is that your own free will is no longer in use, as one has to give it up to follow the requests and directions of spirit. However, after 23 years of being with Maitreya, early in my training, I was shown that it was not MY will, but HIS will, there could be only one “Boss” and my needs came second to his.

This may seem very controlling, but those in the world of spirit know what we need, for our personal learning (what we have chosen to learn in this life before we were born) and also for what is needed by spirit to do their work. If one has someone arguing with decisions made by spirit, nothing can be done, or it can lead to stress and tension which is not conducive to spirit.

Often one is not told before the event what is to happen, we had no idea, when told to go back to India, it would only be for a short time, it could have been for a longer time, but a certain event never happened which SHOULD have happened, and so spirit had no alternative, except to move us on and as we did, everything began to fall into place again. It is not about anything other than the energy.

Where the energy is, is where whatever has to happen WILL happen. Someone prior to our going to India was supposed to set in motion the energy to make something happen, but they did not, their Self got in the way and so whatever was to happen, did not happen.

I have no doubt the door to India will open again, we just shuffled the events around, but it will be some time before that happens. It does not mean it will not happen; it will just not happen at this point of time. It can be disconcerting having things change, it was for us when our plans changed, for me it is a positive because two of my children and 5 grandchildren live in Australia which means I can see them more than I have done. It is certainly a good thing to happen for me, being redirected to Australia.

I have learned not to fight those in the next world, even when those around me do try, it can be VERY frustrating when one is given instructions to do the work of spirit, and those around one, family, friends, etc., do not want to go that way. It is the price one pays though to help spirit; so many marriages break up and friendships or family issues are caused by people around one, not being happy with what they are doing, I am surprised anything gets done at all in the name of spirit!

Often what we are asked to do is not comfortable to us, but if one is in the Higher Self, it should not be a problem; when I look back to the times when I felt that way, and what has happened in a person changing because of Maitreya’s energy being the reason for that change, it makes it so much worth going against the feeling of not wanting to take part in whatever is asked of me.

I will continue to go wherever I am asked to go, yes, it is frustrating constantly moving, and not being settled, but seeing those who receive Maitreya’s energy in healing, a past life session, teaching, or a reading or other service, makes it all worthwhile.