When I became spiritual, I honestly believed I needed to be “pure” inside and out, and so on the prompting of friends, I looked for organic food, natural make up, preferably organically made, and really tried hard to be as “spiritual” as I could. When Maitreya came into my life in 1992, I was with a man who later became my husband; he was at the time a Theosophist and of course very much into being a vegetarian and eating the right foods also. I am ashamed to say I became a fanatic, when in fact I should have kept myself the way I was from the very beginning. I remember after 8 years as a vegetarian, and it causing health problems and a craving within me for meat/fish. I asked Maitreya my teacher if I could eat organic meat. His answer was yes I could, so I asked him why he had not told me this before. He said “you never asked” and I had to admit I had not done so. I had just assumed what I had been doing was required by my so-called spiritual/metaphysical path. The fact I had put on pounds of weight and gone from a size 12 up to a size 30 in 8 years did not prompt him to say or do anything, I needed to ask, and I had not done so.

The common conception of being spiritual is like I thought, but over the years as I asked questions about things I was doing, I came to realize, we can ask, but really it is up to us to make the decisions concerning our own requirements and needs. We should NOT to listen to others, but to go with our own feelings and intuition. I remember listening to what everyone around me said, about not eating meat/fish, and other things connected to being spiritual. I also followed what they said and did not listen to my own feelings, and I paid the price in the end. Thankfully, I was able to go back to the way I had been in the beginning, I still ate organic because it made me feel better and I liked the taste organic food gave me and to be honest, I liked the fact my food was natural and not covered in chemicals. However I began paying less attention to the other things around me I used and stopped looking for the “natural” or “pure.”

When I began studying astrology and then practicing it, I became aware we are all different in make-up and what is good for another is not necessarily good for me. I had a child’s chart done for myself, as the child’s chart in my astrology program indicates what foods, vitamins, flower essences etc. that I needed to keep myself healthy and well according to the planets when I was born. Oh, I wished I had this chart when I was younger; so I could have taken the B vitamins it said I needed. Once I started taking them, my hormones and hormonal depression was almost nonexistent. I would have also known how much I needed to eat certain fruits and vegetables, and I could have cured my nervous system, which was really bad with the flower essences it recommended. I saw the individuality in all of us, and how some people should NOT eat meat, but how others SHOULD eat meat. I have to say here that the quickest way to raise the vibration and go to a higher level of consciousness is to be vegetarian, but for some people like Alan and I who have no earth in our natal chart (the chart of the planets when you were born) it can be the worst thing to do. It was wonderful being up in the clouds every day, but we could not ground ourselves!

In the 33 years since beginning my metaphysical/spiritual path, I have come to the realization more than anything, our bodies know what we need and will prompt us to do whatever that is. This does not mean to say if you feel like a cream bun, doughnut or ice cream bar, that one should indulge and eat it instead of vegetables and fruit, that will probably be the Self part of you, but it is OK to have it now and again. Your body will tell you what you need, and if you go with the prompting, one should find oneself in a state of balance with your eating.

I hate green vegetables, well, dislike could be a better word, but I know I need them in my diet, every now and again I will have a feeling I need kale, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower etc., and when the body prompts me, I make sure I eat whatever it is I am prompted by; I may cover it in gravy or sauce but I try to put my dislike aside and eat it. I do not always eat organic, if I cannot find organic, I then eat the ‘normal’ of whatever it is I need. I have stopped being a fanatic; Maitreya taught me if I fear something, I will draw it into my energy, so I have no fear over anything, except perhaps forgetting my passwords in my computer lol! I am trying very hard to conquer that fear with an affirmation to change the energy of the situation.

After 33 years I no longer feel guilty and I eat meat/fish, I do not punish myself if I do not or cannot eat organic, I allow myself indulgences every now and again, and listen to my own promptings/intuition rather than that of everyone else. It is a wonderful place to be because it brings such peace. Listen to your own body, follow YOUR own promptings, your body in your Higher Self knows what you need, how much, and if you follow that you cannot go wrong. The Self part of you wants the fast food, ice cream, cakes, it wants instant gratification, give yourself a Self day every now and again where you give yourself whatever the Self wants, the Self ironically, will soon get fed up with the foods which are constantly given, give it a try one day and see what happens. You will be very surprised!