Forgive Yourself and Use the Energy to Manifest in 2024

We’re moving into a period of Incredible Transformation as Pluto moves into Aquarius on January 22nd and will remain there until 2044 except for a quick retrograde from September 1 – November 20 of 2024. So, as the saying goes, Buckle Up Buttercup! Pluto is the Planet of Transformation through Change – Death and Rebirth. Visualize the Phoenix in Harry Potter Disintegrating and Rising from the Ashes as a Better Version of Itself.

Aquarian energy is Humanitarian, the “WE” in its highest form. The Challenge is How Can I Be True to Myself, BUT Not Get Lost in the “EGO of ME!” Pluto is the Transformational Energy of the Universe; things are going to change with or without you, embrace the changes.

With that said, change starts by looking in the mirror and truly embracing Self Forgiveness having to do with past actions which were made at a certain point in time, with the knowledge you had, and the circumstances you were in. Yes, most likely there were a lot of emotions at play that clouded the moment, but the moment happened and it’s time to let that energy go. Ask yourself? What could I be doing with the energy I am wasting in beating myself up, maybe I could use that energy in Manifesting the Change and Transformation that Pluto is providing. You can’t effectively ride the wave of new energy if you’re busy wasting your energy in beating yourself up over past actions. In the bigger picture, the choices you made were  learning opportunities, or possibly a karmic action you chose to play a part in. Here is a great channeling from Maitreya discussing why you need to “Forgive Yourself”.

2024 is an “8” year, the number 8 represents Manifestation. Again, how do you want to use your energy? The choice is yours, don’t let the lower-self part of you keep you trapped in unforgiveness, get out of your comfort zone, embrace change, surf the new vibrant energy, and ride the wave of MANIFESTATION to Your Hopes, Wishes and Dreams for 2024!

Here is a link to Maitreya Teaching Videos to assist you.  For more videos, view the playlists on the Maitreya Wisdom YouTube Channel or for a free download of the Maitreya Wisdom Card App or Maitreya Quotes App, follow the links. Visit the website to learn more about becoming your own Master.

Have a great 2024, Ride the Wave of Change!