In 1992 I made the decision to leave my first husband after 23 years of marriage. Our two children had left home and there was nothing in our marriage anymore. I had been metaphysical for 7 years, he had become a nudist, spending weekends with his nudist friends; it was an area of life at that time I was not comfortable with. I had also met a metaphysical man that I knew would be a good relationship for me. My husband found a new partner also. It was time to move on.

I did not after 23 years of marriage expect my husband to get so nasty, but he did. While I was away working with my new partner, my husband and his new girlfriend went into my business very early in the morning and took all of my stock, paperwork relating to the business and whatever else they felt like taking and left me an empty crystal cabinet, he even took the phone cords. Later that day he went to the bank and took all of our money except $5 AUD.

I was living with a friend having after moving out of our home and my new partner was also living with me although we were traveling quite a lot to work. My new partner suggested we go to New Zealand to get out of the country for a while, so a few weeks later we moved to Taupo on the north island. Before we left, my husband and I went to an accountant about our taxes we had quite a hefty tax bill to pay in Australia. Since my husband had taken all of our money and I had nothing at the time to pay the tax with, I asked for an extension and was given a six-month extension.

From the day my new partner and I arrived in New Zealand I was so busy I could not believe how busy I was. I also became a radio and magazine clairvoyant for the New Zealand Woman’s Weekly and Radio Pacific. I was earning the most amazing income and everything I had lost which my now ex-husband had taken was replaced. The date for the payment of the taxes came quickly along with a letter from my ex informing me he could not afford to pay his share of his tax. I really felt for him, but instead of being angry and upset, I only felt pity for him. His share was $1800 AUD and it was a lot of money in 1993. However, I had earned a lot of money since leaving Australia and made a decision to pay his share of the tax bill.

Friends told me I was crazy, but I knew that if he had not in a way chased me out of Australia, I would not then have been able to do what I was doing. I was becoming so very successful, my career had just spun out of control in a good way, and I had more than I needed at that time financially. I looked upon him going into my business and taking everything out of it as a blessing, I was so stuck in my business, but his actions enabled me to be forced to make change and I did in a big way!

His gratefulness was incredible, and temporarily healed a wound that had been deep and painful. I also was able to let go of him knowing I had done all I could to make it easier for him to move on. He was no longer in the relationship he was in when he took all we had from our business. We stayed friends for a few more months before his new girlfriend created a rift that has never healed and has caused a deep wound with his children and their children. From my leaving Australia my life became transformed and created the person I am today.

By paying his tax bill and letting go of any animosity, anger and concerns, I was able to move ahead freely which I did. As the months went by there was a peace within me, because I had not resorted to nasty tactics; I felt so at peace. My ex and his new partner began to create a new life together; the only thing was his new partner for some reason did not like me, even though we had never met personally. She was very vocal about me and not in a nice way and eventually it became my ex husband’s issue also and communication ceased.

I had just connected with Maitreya the year previously, we were as I used to say “new buddies” but it was he who helped me become kinder and not nasty to my ex.

It has been 24 years since it happened; I have never forgotten how I was able to forgive my ex and how it eased my body, mind and soul to move on without animosity. I can still feel the peace I felt when it happened and how easy it was to do once I let go of the anger and the fear.

If you are in a situation like I was at any time, do not fight it, do not get angry, but thank the opportunity for coming into your life; it really is a blessing, even though you will not be able to see it in the beginning, you will feel so much better for being able to forgive!