I hope everyone is having a great time enjoying the holiday season with family and loved ones. I chose the topic of forgiveness today because many souls incarnate in the same soul group over and over again to learn life lessons or to clear karma together. Often times, they are our closest kin on Earth such as parents, siblings, children, or spouses. The makeup of these agreements was made before we even came to Earth. The people on Earth whom we felt have hurt us deeply are our ‘best friends’ in spirit. We agreed to be teachers and students for each other in spirit but forgot all about it when we came to Earth because we wear a veil of forgetfulness. The veil of forgiveness was also created by us so that it will not interfere with our life lessons/karma, but this is changing in the New Energy. Many old souls have awakened or are awakening as the veil begins to thin. As we raise our vibrations more and more, and as Light energies pour onto Earth, old souls are awakening to a greater Truth.

Now, you may ask “Why family members or spouses ?” The answer to that is because when you are related by blood or by marriage (often times sharing offsprings too), you can’t run away from your life lessons or karma so easily. Imagine if someone random hurt you badly, you can just walk away. But with family members, the lessons/karma are there until you learn it. You can avoid your siblings, aunts/uncles, parents etc. but this will just create imbalances in you. The extreme case of murder-suicide is becoming common in American society lately. Those involved felt that there was no way out except death, and this is very sad indeed. Usually, the husband would shoot his wife, sometimes his kids and then kill himself after that. The recent case of a woman who shot her two sons to get back at her ex-husband is not that common. The woman planned to kill herself but failed to do it.

All those who committed these very sad acts usually felt that they cannot forgive their spouses/partners. But truly, the person whom they cannot forgive is themselves. Forgiveness starts with us. Often times, we are angry when someone hurts us. The thing is the part of us who is angry is the Ego/Lower Self, not the Higher Self. The Higher Self can see the BIG picture or the lesson/karma and does not react to the situation or will take the higher road. There is a Chinese saying that literally means ‘When you are angry with someone, you are actually paying for it.’ Indeed, when you are angry with someone or hold grudges, it will eat you up and as anger looms, there shall be no peace of mind. This will also cause energetic imbalances inside you and usually will affect the liver.

We often hear people say “Oh, I cannot forgive him/her for what he/she did to me.” But truly, forgiveness starts with us because self-love is of utmost importance. When you love yourself, you will not subject yourself to-hold grudges or build up the energetic blockages and come back lifetime after lifetime to learn the same life lesson. The worst part is the lesson gets harder and harder with each lifetime as the soul memory of hurt/betrayal intensifies over lifetimes. This is the same with karmic debts. The debts get bigger over lifetimes. By forgiving yourself, you liberate yourself from entrapment or dragging the heavy chains of grudges.

Some of you may say, but that person did a very heinous act that is so dark and unforgivable. May I say that people CANNOT act beyond their level of consciousness. E.g., If a person is not highly evolved yet spiritually, that person will not be able to comprehend what compassion is, let alone empathize with the victim. Perhaps with this understanding, we can learn to forgive ourselves and others easier. And if that doesn’t work, perhaps we can forgive the subject, but we don’t have to forgive his/her unwholesome act.

Forgiveness is not easy but once we are able to forgive those who have betrayed or hurt us, we move closer to our soul essence of who we truly are.

So, whom do you need to forgive today?

I leave you in Peace.

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