Forgiveness – A Journey of Letting Go

by Jean Luo

Not long ago I wrote two articles about the importance of forgiveness. I strongly feel the need to write about this topic again this month. As I wrote in my previous article, beginning January 18thof 2022, the transit south node enters Scorpio and north node moves into Taurus, which means we are officially in Scorpio and Taurus energy. This will last to July 2023. During this period, the Universe provides us a great opportunity to clear our personal energy field which we have stored so much deep, dark, intensive, and painful memories throughout our past incarnations. It is these energies that have trapped us in the dense dark energy and kept us on the wheel of reincarnation.

No matter whether we are willing and ready or not, we are inevitably being pushed into the process of releasing the trapped energy from our deep subconscious. Many people are experiencing all sorts of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual crisis in their life, especially health problems as the energy is coming to the surface. Holding onto the hurt and pain does not help and makes it much harder and creates more pain and difficulties in our life. Each of us is a sum of body, mind, and spirit. When it is out of balance, we experience disharmony and dis-ease. Thus, the best way to deal with the 18 months of Scorpio and Taurus Nodes transit is to let go of whatever pain and hurt resides within us and to forgive whoever caused them. I know that it is easy for me to say this but much harder to do as the pain and hurt are so excruciating and so unforgettable! However, unfortunately, holding onto it does not do any good for us and creates more damage to our own body, mind, and spirit!

Both Alan and I have experienced first-hand the destructive power of trapped Scorpio energy while we both were going through our own intensive release process.

Somehow, when the transit South Node entered Scorpio and North Node in Taurus, we felt that we needed to buy a house to set up a Maitreya Metaphysical Retreat Center. Thus, we needed to buy a property with a piece of land. We started this process while the transit South Node was in Alan’s 1st house, approaching conjunction to his natal Saturn in Scorpio, and passing through my natal Ascendant and entering my 12th house. To be honest, I have never experienced such deep and intensive anger and rage which has brought so much deep and dark painful emotions of helpless and hopeless. I didn’t have any idea it was inside me until it came out like an erupting volcano! I felt as if there was a big hole in my heart and it needed a lot of healing. Alan ended up needing surgery to remove multiple Hernia’s from both sides of his groin, and it came out during our house remodeling before we moved in!

Both Alan and I went through our individual healing process and came out of it with a new level of understanding. But the process is never easy. At times, I even didn’t want to go on with life anymore. I just wanted to leave this world behind because it was too hard to handle. Luckily, I didn’t kill myself! I am still alive and stronger.

This process is a journey of forgiving and letting go. It requires courage to face the deep emotional pain, especially when the pain of accusation, anger, hatred, resentment, betrayal, abandonment, rejection, and other emotions that is triggered by others are very deep and hurtful. No matter how many times we can say that we forgive and let go, if we do not allow the painful and hurtful energy coming to the surface from deep within us, we cannot truly forgive and move away from that energy. It is this painful and dreadful energy that holds us in pain and prevents us from having happiness.

Letting go of this energy is a painful, yet very important and necessary process of forgiving. It means that we need the courage to face it no matter how painful, dark, and scary it can be. When the energy is coming to the surface, we will re-feel the emotions we have tried so hard to forget and to repress. But forgetting, repressing, and pretending is not a real solution. If this emotional energy is not released from within, we remain a prisoner of our Self. Even though our Self may make us think that we are punishing those who created pain in us by holding the pain, we are punishing ourselves, we are creating suffering and unhappiness for ourselves and in our life, while the other party has already moved on with their life.

Try and see thru the emotion, the person or event that caused the pain you are holding onto was sent by the Universe to trigger the deep past life energy to the surface to be processed and released to set you free. It is hard to see in the emotions of the moment, but as Maitreya often said, ‘The person you perceive as hurting or betraying you often is your best friend in the world of spirit who came to help you get rid of that deep, deep emotional energy that has been trapped for many incarnations.’

Do not hold on to the painful, hurtful, and dreadful energy for it is just an energy. Allow ourselves to release it no matter how painful it is and how long it takes. Learn from the experience, give it no energy by not holding onto it. By doing so, we will find that in time, there will be a healing, a true healing. Then, and only then, can we truly forgive, free ourselves from the pain and move onto happiness and higher vibration.