Forgiveness Is the First Step of Unconditional Love

by Jean Luo

Each of us is a soul on the journey of soul evolution. We are all trying to evolve and become one with the Creator – the Divine Source of Creation. The creator created each of us with unconditional love, thus, the utmost connection with the Creator is unconditional love. Unconditional love means total acceptance, nonjudgment, and compassion. When we truly attain the state of unconditional love, we express the best version of the Divine Creation, and we connect to the Creator intimately and constantly in the peace that passes all understanding.

Unconditional love requires us to have an open heart that unconditionally embraces all the experiences life brings us, and to raise our consciousness to understand the true meaning and big picture of our existence, and to have the courage to go beyond our conditioned beliefs, traditions, cultural backgrounds, and existence so that we can see through the illusion of the game of life. However, it is much easier to say but much harder to do, especially when it connects to past life energy. When the past life energy comes to the surface, we inevitably experience all sorts of intense emotions along with physical pain, mental anguish, and health problems. We can be so easily wrapped in that energy and are often unable to see through the illusion of the situation and the lessons we need to learn from that situation. In fact, most of us have no idea about the magnitude and depth of the power of past life energy and therefore become cluelessly consumed in the moment and our actions are dictated by our intense emotions. We often simply act and react to our feelings and thoughts without knowing we are connected to our past lives and past life energy, and we are in the process of releasing the energy. To make it worse, we simply allow our emotions such as fear, anger, resentment, jealousy, hatred, pride, and insecurity to control the course of our life, leading us to break relationships, damage friendships, sever family ties, create dissension, disharmony, and disease in our own life and with those who we are closely connected.

There is a reason for everything that happens in our life. There are no accidents that we are with the people who are in our life whether we get along with them or not. The irony is that we have chosen them in our life to help us learn some hard life lessons, work out our karma, and release past life energy. We planned it all before we were born. Most likely, we have been with the same people in a previous life or lives as our family members or close friends, or even enemies, and we have chosen to come back together again to correct situations, past actions and reactions which went wrong in our prior life due to the choices we made. Because we usually do not understand this metaphysical concept, we lack knowledge about the true purpose of life, and we often get trapped in our past life energy, which allows our past life thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and conditioning to manipulate our life again. As a result, we are unable to work out our karma, learn our lessons, and resolve past life issues. Some of us have been repeating the same past life scenarios over and over, again and again, never finishing what we have set up for ourselves in our incarnations. We often stubbornly protect our own rights and condemn others’ actions which we perceive as wrong; we strongly hold on to our own pride and hurt without realizing what we are holding onto is not real but an illusion. Our victimhood mentality makes us think that we need to punish or take revenge against those who we perceive in the illusion to have wronged us. We don’t realize that we are actually punishing no one but ourselves because we drag ourselves into a vicious cycle of anger and hatred and hold ourselves back from our own soul advancement. If we knew that the more incarnations we repeat, the harder the lessons become, the more complicated the situation becomes, and the deeper the past life energy becomes ingrained in our soul memory, we would deal with them differently; and we would make a more conscious effort to let go of  the issues, and to work through what we have chosen to accomplish in this life.

Forgiveness is a key. To truly forgive, we need to let go of our pride. When we have pride, we cannot truly forgive, and will continually hold another person accountable for how he/she has hurt us and what he/she has done wrong to us. To truly forgive, we must go beyond the worldly existence; understand the situation from a spiritual perspective and let go of victimhood mentality; To truly forgive, we must have total acceptance for whatever happens in our life, we must understand from a metaphysical perspective that everything and everyone is a mirror reflecting whatever is residing deeply within us that we need to address; we must know that fighting others, holding grudges and resentment towards others does not resolve the issue until we go within to find the mirror and to work on the mirror; we must accept that everyone is a teacher to teach us something that we have set up to learn from. Thus, whenever we find ourselves in a conflict or encounter a challenge with someone, we should ask, “what is this person trying to teach me? What do I need to learn from this situation?” When we ask such questions, the Universe hears us, the answer will come to us as a deep knowing. Then we can act upon that knowing. By doing so, we can take the higher road of our soul’s learning and spiritual growth. Once the energy within us is cleared by releasing and letting go; and the lesson is learned, the issue will be resolved, and the mirror will disappear.

Forgiveness is the most powerful healing modality for both ourselves and others. To grow spiritually and evolve to a higher vibrational soul, the best thing we can do for ourselves is forgiveness. Forgive those who have hurt us either in the past or in the present; forgive ourselves for whatever we think that we have done wrong in our life. We cannot move forward until we have forgiven. Only through forgiveness can we truly move forward to higher consciousness, attain inner peace, find true joy and happiness.