Fork in the Road

A fork in the road is a metaphor. It basically means you are at a junction of your life where a decision needs to be made. Before we dwell into this any further, allow me to explain that we encounter multitudes of forks in our lives, be it major, minor, or even puny ones. Major forks may involve choosing a home, life partner, career, or country of residence etc. Minor ones may include becoming a vegetarian, taking up a new sport, changing your mode of transportation, etc. Then there are puny ones that seem to make ripples but are not significant enough to produce any significant results at the present moment. All the forks mentioned above may be pivotal in manifesting the kind of life that you want but not detrimental since there are no rights or wrongs, merely good or bad decisions.

Humans are given the gift of freewill/choice. It is the greatest gift given by the creative Source to humankind so that we can create our own realities or the kind of lives that we want. I remember a very profound message that was given to me by my spirit guide when I was at a crossroad/fork to pursue my future endeavor. She said, “You ALWAYS have a choice.” Indeed, there are many routes or paths that we can take, and all will lead to one destination (Ascension). Some paths are very long and arduous whereas others may be short, easy, or breezy with roses to smell along the way. The paths chosen depicts the life lessons we choose to take. We can choose to learn our lessons the easy way or the difficult way with many detours along the way.

Now, the factor determining which path to take at a fork in the road depends on our Consciousness or state of awareness/level of vibration. Someone who has a high vibration will always choose the higher road whereas one with a low vibration will take the lower road. This also corresponds to using the Higher Self/Soul or Lower Self/Ego in making those decisions. The Higher Self is the part of us that is connected to the creative Source/God whereas the Lower Self is the part of us that is connected to the Ego. The Ego always makes decisions out of fear in Survival mode. The Higher Self has no fear, and it is this Divine Guidance that leads to Synchronicities in life. Our Ego/Lower Self has been with us since birth and is constantly in Survival mode and full of fears, anxieties, worries, anger, etc. Although it knows a lot about the physical life/world mostly through conditioning, it doesn’t have the bigger picture. Often times this leads to disastrous results. On the other hand, the Higher Self is multi-dimensional and able to see a bigger picture or the Birth Plan. Hence, taking the higher road will lead to joy, happiness, success, love etc. Imagine the Higher Self looking down and seeing which path at the fork will lead to a blocked path or a dead end. Wouldn’t that save us a lot of time, energy, and resources not to tread on the path leading to a block or dead end?

Let’s examine all the different forks in the road that all of us encounter at some points in our lives. The very major forks determine our birth plan, and usually will have backup plans should the main one fail. I will use myself as an example. After I finished my first degree in Biotechnology, one of my professors offered me a Research Assistant job in his lab doing plant tissue culture. He wanted me to work for him for a year and then he would obtain a Japanese scholarship for me to do my Masters in Japan. I rejected his offer and ended up working as a Research Officer at our Medical Microbiology Department. During that time, I had 2 recurring dreams of the same scenery. A small wooden bridge floating on water with bamboo trees surrounding me. Never did I think that my dream was telling me to go to Japan where I was supposed to have my Kundalini awakened. Anyway, to make the story short, I obtained my PhD in London, England instead. After graduation, I took a cruise to Denmark with my Singaporean friend in the bid to extend my visa for 6 more months to look for a job. What happened next was the Universe a push-and-pull plan to get me back on track or a detour. The immigration officer saw through my motive and blacklisted me for attempting to extend my visa by leaving and entering the country over the weekend. No surprise that my Singaporean friend got through without any problem. Not her life lesson! I ended up working at National University of Singapore. What transpired after that was the ‘Big’ plan designed by my soul as a backup plan. I had an argument with my former boss at NUS regarding our publication and it was no surprise that he didn’t want to renew my contract after that. I was left without a job! You would think how cruel the world can be but looking back in retrospect, I understand how strong my Ego was at that time. Instead of going with the flow, I resisted and that resulted in the formation of bunions on my feet. Lol, I was cornered, and when a visiting Professor from University of Tokyo offered me a position as a Research Fellow at the Human Genome Center, I accepted. It was in Japan (the reoccurring dreams) that I had my Kundalini awakened and my spiritual journey started from there. So, as you can see, the major forks in life will determine our life purpose and the push-and-pull energy will ensure we are on track. The stronger our Egos are, the more suffering we have to endure as can be seen from my case. I was thrown out of UK, lost my job before I was cornered to go to Japan where I was supposed to have my Kundalini awakened and discovered my natural healing gifts. Nowadays, I let my Ego take a backseat (not 100% Lol but good enough) and let my Higher Self do the driving. That way, I can expect synchronicities in life instead of fighting so hard to get anything.

The other two forks are not that critical because you can make a small detour if needed. Eg. Changing your diet can be reversed easily. Having said that, the puny forks that we encounter in our daily lives can be cumbersome if not taken care of over the long run. Recently, colorectal cancer is becoming an epidemic in America among younger groups (those below 50’s) and even those in their 20’s can be affected. These younger groups were hardly affected in the past. Scientists are linking red meat and junk foods as the culprits. In our daily lives, even choosing fruit as a snack over a bag of chips can be viewed as a puny decision but the cumulative effect over the long run can be disastrous if not taken seriously.

Lastly, when we are connected with our Higher Selves, we are all in the same ‘pool’ as ‘Oneness’, which means all our Higher Selves are connected to each other. Hence, when you are at a junction or fork to make a decision by your Higher Self, you can recruit other souls’ Higher Selves and the outcome is benevolence. You will meet benefactors along your path when synchronicities are created. This happens if one is aware and mindful. So, the next time you are at a fork in your life, always take the higher road!

I leave you in Love & Light

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