Fork in the Road by Laura Elliott

Do you ever feel like this person in the picture? I sure have!! Full disclosure, I do right now! There are points we get to in our lives when we must make a decision, and I don’t mean chocolate or vanilla ice cream, or Star Wars or Star Trek type decisions. More like do I accept this job or that job, do I even pick a job, or do I work for myself, do I stay, or do I move, do I say yes, or do I say no to the big things in my life? It feels like there is so much pressure at those times to make the “right” decision.

This is where I’m at in my life. I feel like I’m at a crossroads and I need to choose whether I’m going left or going right. Spiritually speaking, I know there is no “wrong” choice, there are no “mistakes” when choosing one or the other. Whatever I choose will lead to an experience either way, and I alone get to choose whether I judge it and call it “good” or “bad”, or just take it as another experience and move on to the next thing without making judgments about it. We need to learn to detach from the outcome of our choices. The choice itself, or the outcome of that choice in itself is not “good” or “bad”, it is only when we make the assignment of “good” or “bad” that makes it one or the other, the outcome itself is a neutral thing.

Right about now your saying, “Sure, that’s easy for you to say”. Yes, it is. It is easy to say and a whole other thing to actually do it. I am still a physical being and changing habits that have been ingrained in us since we were born are difficult things to change. Difficult, but not impossible. The Angels always tell me it is awareness that allows us to make changes. Without conscious awareness of what we’ve been doing out of habit, such as the choices we’ve been making, we can’t change or make different choices. Some things become such an ingrained habit that we don’t even realize that we have a choice. When we are children, we are fresh, blank slates. We learn from others our way of being, our way of thinking. But even then, it was a choice, some children try on their parents’ beliefs for size and choose to believe differently at some point. Everyone is given the gift from the Creator to co-create their life as they see fit. This includes how you choose to think. You may have learned one way, but it is a choice to continue doing the same thing over and over again or to do something different.

When I say we need to detach from the outcome, detachment doesn’t mean not caring. Not at all. Actually, it means the exact opposite. It means you care enough to allow the outcome to be whatever it’s going to be. And, dare I say it? We may not know what’s best, for us or anyone else. You may have things planned out for yourself a certain way, and when the road you think you need to go down to get to where you’re planning to be is demolished you see that as a “bad” thing happening. But what if you detach yourself from feeling that was a “bad” thing and kept your mind open to the possibilities the road that is open to you presents? It’s difficult to see the opportunity that may be right in front of you, that could be ten times more fabulous, if you’re too focused on what you may be considering a “failure” or feeling depressed that something didn’t work out the way you planned. I think of the Garth Brooks song, Unanswered Prayers, when I talk about this. He’s thanking God for unanswered prayers because he was praying for one thing, but when he let go of his plan (what he was praying for), he found something even better than what he imagined!

In my heart I know what I’m saying is true. Most of the time I am able to do this, and it’s very freeing! But as I said, I am still a physical being with all the faults that come with being a physical human being. So, when it comes to really big decisions, it’s a lot harder to follow what the Angels have taught me. I guess the more you feel is on the line, the harder it is to detach yourself from the outcome. I get that. But at least start with the smaller things, like I did, and it does get easier with practice. And don’t forget to ask the Angels for their help!! We can free ourselves!!