Free Solo

I recently watched a 2019 Oscar winning documentary called Free Solo. It was produced by National Geographic and follows a young man, Alex Honnold, that climbs vertical cliffs with only the aid of a chalk sack to assist his grip as he scales these incredible natural edifices all over the world. The movie culminates with his successful Free Solo of the El Capitan Wall in Yosemite National Park in California, a 3,000-foot vertical mammoth face of rock without the aid of ropes or harnesses, just good shoes, strong hands, powerful finger tips, muscles, endurance, raw nerve, a little bit of chalk and an uncanny gift of facing fear. I would encourage you to watch it, not just for the incredible feat that was accomplished, but from his personal environment, circumstances and drama that unfolded around him leading up to the climb. Look at his motivations from his perspective. What drives him to take on these incredible rock formations where the outcome teeters on “Success” or … “If he slips, he falls, if he falls, he dies”. Most importantly, you get a glimpse into how those around him had their emotions laid bare as the day of the climb came and they were facing their emotional fears that they may have aided in his demise if he falls to his death. Here is short trailer to peak your interest.

You might ask, what does this have to do with Metaphysics. Actually, it mirrors what we all go through as we venture further and further down the rabbit hole of our own individual path of self-discovery and awareness. Our “New” view of the world no longer coincides with how those around us perceive the very same environment we are cohabiting. It becomes difficult for us to relate to them and often they are afraid of choices and actions we take. There motivations and concerns are usually from the heart, but the new view of life we are now experiencing, isn’t a picture they see or comprehend. We see the rock face in front of us as a necessary step in being true to ourselves and they are desperately hanging onto any rope or harness they can find to keep us where “they” are comfortable.

Luckily, it is not life or death, but the Universe will continually push us out of our comfort zone to assist us to learn and grow. We often end up leaving people and ways of life behind as our perspectives diverge and as new opportunities for self-discovery are presented to us.

I think I’ll leave the Free Soloing to this young man and go find my own mountains to climb towards my journey of self-enlightenment. I’ll leave the circumstances up to the Universe, it knows what I need. Remember, the one common characteristic of a successful climb or personal soul growth is overcoming our fear, that is how the “Self” sabotages us. Have trust in the Universe, it knows what we need. I’m reminded of a Maitreya Quote, “The next time you are given the opportunity to change your life or move in another direction, face the fear and do so. Do not go back into the safety of the comfort zone.”

Did I mention, Jean just informed me we are going to China for a month, so I’m sure there will be some mountains to climb on my journey of self-discovery. Maybe I’ll learn how to say “Oh Shit” in Chinese as I jump off the cliff!

Have a good month – Alan