From Our Lessons We Find Our True Balance

As we depart 2019 and move into 2020 look to your alignment with your inner self.  Look to the power of love to change us all, to pull us out of the old ways and into a new and better way where all of those residing on the earth plane and the planet herself will be at peace and acceptance with one another in every way.

2019 has been a year of intense lessons on every level.  We were being asked to rid ourselves of what has no positive purpose in our lives and in doing so we were often faced with hard decisions, challenging actions and the end of old habits, relationships, jobs and ways of life.  Its been tough, there is no doubt about that.  However, naturally there is a divine purpose behind all of this.

2020 is the year of balance and therefore we could not work on achieving our balance when our lives were still made up of and often focussing on things that were not for our highest good, and therefore would continue to keep us off balance and out of harmony with the Universe and our Higher Selves.

This new decade and new year start with a formidable line-up of planets in Capricorn energy.  This is designed to bring things to a head and in particularly we have the long awaited and much touted Pluto/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn.  This interprets to mean that the two most powerful energies in the Universe, when it comes to our life lessons and transformation, are meeting up with one another to intensity each other’s energy and influence on us and to initiate the vital changes that we need.  This conjunction will be the beginning of the great implode of this decade.  And from an historical perspective, the last time Pluto and Saturn moved into conjunction with one another in Capricorn was at the time of the American and then the French Revolutions, so I have no doubt that major changes are on their way.  When Saturn and Pluto come together they break down the old and transform it into the new with the need for total change from the ground up.  They are not interested in superficial short-term fixes, or short-cuts, they will only allow and tolerate sustainable transformation and concrete structure to re-build upon.  Pluto will break down to re-build and Saturn will determine the structure and from here balance can be achieved.

Balance is about balancing EVERYTHING in the Universe in harmony.  And so, for the earth and her climate to be in balance and healthy, we must ourselves be balanced and healthy too.  Climate change is not just about the environment and the air we breathe etc, it is also about our own personal inner climates.  So, for so long as we are full of turbulence and uncertainty, so will the world around us be.  Climate change is just another way for the Universe to make very clear to us how very out of balance we all are.  To achieve balance, we often have to swing from extreme to extreme to find the equilibrium, therefore this year will take us from extreme to extreme and this is all part of the necessary process.

So, as we start this new year and the next decade with this stellar line-up of planets in Capricorn we are up against the hard, patriarchal, traditional and grounded energy of the past.  The old ways of being, old boys clubs, inequality, bigotry and prejudices and out-dated patriarchal ways of being are going to be fully in our faces, reflected constantly back at us from the Society we live in.  We need this confrontation and this extremism to push us towards the opposite of this and this is where the North Node steps in.  Until June 2020 we have the North Node shining in Cancer.  The North Node is our destiny, the direction we are supposed to be taking and the fuel and ambition we need to step out of mess this world is currently in.  We have our destiny light shining brightly and making it essential that whatever is being broken down and transformed in our lives and on this planet at this time by the old and out-dated ways, has to now be replaced with and through self-love, compassion, and self-worth.  This is our true destiny; to create all that we are and all that we do from a position of love and understanding and equality for all – always.  The North Node in Cancer is part of the rise of the Divine Feminine aspect of us all – through compassion, understanding, intuition and empathy we create a new world.

2020 stretches out in front of us and it’s going to be another crazy ride BUT have no fear.  You are exactly where you are meant to be at this time, and you have learned what is good for you and what is not through last year’s experiences and events, and now it’s time to take all that you have learned and discarded and find your true balance which brings me to the next theme of 2020 – RELATIONSHIPS.

2’s of course equal partnerships just as they equal balance.  So, 2020 will also highlight our partnerships in life.  2019 has done a pretty good job of helping us identify the partnerships in our lives that are not working in our best interests, and now in 2020 we will be asked to focus on the most important partnership we have in our lives and that is of course the partnership you have with your inner self, or Higher Self.  In 2020 make your focus your true authentic self – accept the parts of yourself that challenge you, change the parts of yourself that you can, and always accentuate the positive to alleviate the negative.  You are a human being with a purpose and you also know deep within your true and authentic self what is good for you and what is not.  There is no need to beat yourself up for not being perfect, and there is also no need to avoid or hide away what is real to you and what is important to you.  This is your truth – this is your authentic self – and it has a right to be heard and to be followed.

Make 2020 the year that you find your inner balance; the year in which you fall in love with the true you, and the year in which you are not afraid to speak your truth and be who you really wish to be.  You are a soul on a journey, and you are doing great.  Follow and work hard on your dreams, put a worth and a value on all that you are and all that you do, and be prepared to transform those parts of yourself that get in the way of your happiness and prosperity.  And never EVER give up!  You are loved, you are honoured, and you are divine!  Many blessings to you all for a fabulous 2020 in every way xox