Full Moon in Aquarius and All That Retrograde Energy – The Power Within

At this time of the second Full Moon in Aquarius in one month, we are seeing much chaos and unrest in the world around us.  In just 28 days much has changed in our worlds and will continue to do so.  Aquarius energy is the energy of maverick, the one who is prepared to be different, the one who dances to their own drumbeat, and the one who favours the highest good of humanity over its own agenda.  These Full Moon energies are aggravating and inciting us to see all differences and divisions in the world and to find a way to create a new world because of them.

We currently have all the major outer planets in Retrograde:-  Pluto urging us to let go of our old habits and outdated beliefs so we can become the masters of ourselves once again. Saturn instructing us on how to make constructive use of our ingenious differences and to work hard at putting a value on ourselves.  Uranus is uncovering our tenacity and ability to stand on our own two feet and to be a working part of the change.  Chiron in Retrograde is asking us to go deep to heal any feelings of not being good enough and/or to heal any feelings of failure from our past experiences, so as we can step up in the power of self-love and self-worth.  Neptune in Pisces is reminding us of the days of Atlantis and of a time when we saw ourselves as more powerful and important than God, and the folly of such ways.  And bountiful Jupiter has the job of showing us how much innovation and forward-thinking we all hold inside of us that we can develop and use for the highest good of all concerned. The outer planets are our slow lessons, the stuff we need to work through deeply and thoroughly if we are to learn what they have to teach us and learn it well!  So, all that is going on around us is pivotal and indeed necessary if we are to evolve and ascend as a planet, and each and every one of us has a role to play in it.  We are in the Age of Aquarius, and this is the time we have been waiting for when the people take their power back and start to remember their strength and remember that they are people – human beings with a purpose and not just disposable, manipulable slaves to be used by those who hold the power on this planet.

So, when we have planets in Retrograde it is about going within to do our inner work and so that is where we are at on the earth plane right now.  We are all being asked to look within to where we have unrest, lack of belief and confusion and to heal these parts of ourselves.  That is the standard use of Retrograde energy.  However, what we must also remember and focus on is that within our inner worlds are also our dreams, our desires, our needs and our wants.  Within each of us is the ability to imagine and to manifest and when we can believe more in what we want and deserve in life, and less in what is being taken away from us and what we are being put through, we find not only some inner peace but our global solutions.

What we think we create.  What we give energy to becomes real. And in both cases, we have a choice.  We can continue to think and feel the upset and pain of what we are all being put through, and we can allow this energy to bring us down and to coerce us into doing things that our soul is telling us may not be right for us.  Or we can focus on a world we wish to live in and take steps towards creating this.  You may feel that there is not much you can do to create that life you desire, and in the physical sense of things perhaps you may be limited in that way.  But within your mind – that integral part of you that is yours and yours alone – you can imagine, create and believe ANYTHING.  And thoughts become things….

It is our purpose right now to bring the light into this darkness that is threatening this planet, and to do this we need to go within and focus on our own versions of the perfect world.  Great creations and sustainable things are not dreamt up or created overnight, rather they go through a process that always starts with an idea or thought.  The idea or thought is the beginning, it is the conception.  And so just like when we conceive a child within the mother’s womb, we then nurture, feed, imagine and bless that child with all the love and care we have.  This is how we must treat our futures.  We need to take our highest ideals for a peaceful, equitable, loving planet and feed them with all the belief, love and positivity we can.  That is the light, that is the love and that is the power we have that cannot be stopped.

At the time of the powerful Full Moon in Aquarius, you are asked to be strong and to open your hearts and minds to ALL that you wish to see and experience during your lifetime and to do so with the complete belief that this is the future you want, that you are the person you wish to be and that you are living the life you wish to live.  You are a spark of God; a piece of this beautiful Universe and you have a purpose and a responsibility to shine your light.  The Aquarian Full Moon is the reminder that it’s okay to feel different and to be different, it’s okay to not wish to live a life that does not resonate with you, and it’s okay to speak out about this as well.  As my Soul Sister Teja Wood (www.soulcalling.com) puts it in her channellings and spiritual talks; the situation we are now in can be likened to a dysfunctional marriage where you know you are being treated badly, overly-controlled, manipulated and not allowed a voice, yet you have been married for so long now you have forgotten that you have a choice.  We all need to leave this “arranged marriage” and find ourselves again – and it’s okay to do that.  We walk away from what does not serve a positive purpose in our lives and we walk towards what does.  And we will find that perfect marriage that we deserve within ourselves, within our tribes and within our souls.  We don’t buy into or give any energy to what does not align with us, and we also have NO judgement for those who choose to walk a different path or to stay in that dysfunctional marriage.

Full Moon blessings to you all and always remember no matter what may be going on for you right here and now, you are loved, you are blessed, you are needed, and you are divine. Keep shining.  xox