Get in Touch with Our Subconscious

by Jean Luo

Recently, from my own personal experience and because of those who have come to me for past life regression and Chiron Healing, I am prompted to write about the importance of getting into our subconscious.

The most important process of raising our vibration is to release the old trapped and stagnant energy from our subconscious soul memories. It is this trapped energy – thoughts, emotions, feelings, etc. that have been binding and imprisoning each of us to endless cycles on the wheel of reincarnation here on the Earth Plane; it is also this trapped energy that is the root cause of all our pain, suffering, and misery. It is exhibited through our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of our life. This trapped energy creates difficulties and challenges relating to our relationships, financial issues, health concerns, and ultimately impacts all areas of our life. In fact, most of humanity on the Earth Plane is living at least 80 -85% in old and stagnant past life energy without realizing it is this energy that is driving and influencing all their actions. They are unaware that they are simply repeating the past life scenarios – same issues, same lessons, and same souls, but in different roles, and with different names, physical appearances, and environment, etc.

Have you ever experienced when you wanted to do something but were held back with hesitation and doubt as if there was a huge unseen force dragging you down from within yourself? Have you ever experienced physical pain, but the hospital was unable to diagnose it? Have you noticed that you keep repeating the same relationship difficulties, financial struggles, etc. no matter who you are with or how hard you tried? Such questions can go on a long list. If you have experienced any of these, you are certainly experiencing some of your energy blockages related to your past lives.

If we want to ascend to higher vibration and higher consciousness; If we want to be free from the wheel of reincarnation; If we want to advance our soul evolution, the key is to go deep within to release and clear these deep buried old and stagnant thoughts, emotions, feelings, and fears from our soul memories. Our soul memory resides deep within our subconscious. It records everything – thought, emotion, feeling, incident, event, fears – that have ever happened in every life that we have lived and experienced in detail. Our subconscious controls our life in every aspect, irregardless of whether we recognize or acknowledge it or not.

If you want to find the answers for your own life situation – what, why, how, etc., you must go deep into your subconscious. If you really want to raise your vibration to higher consciousness, you must work with your subconscious to unlock these trapped and blocked memories so that you can release and clear those deeply buried old and stagnant energies. As you release the energy, you clear it from the soul memory, and you make space in your energy field for new energy to come in. This enables you to raise your vibration. The more you release and clear the old and stagnant energy, the higher in vibration you go, and the more enlightened you become.

You may ask how we can talk to our subconscious? I want to share with you what was recommended to me. Do something quietly with focus, make sure the Self is fully engaged and occupied, this enables you to hear your subconscious talking or providing you answers. You can choose anything as long as you can be quiet, and your mind is fully occupied with something you are focusing on doing. For me it was coloring. I was introduced to coloring by Maitreya and Margaret in 2015 when we lived in Concord, CA.

It was during my 2nd Saturn Return, I was going through a very intense and difficult period of my life. I was consumed and overwhelmed with some very deep and heavy past life energies without knowing or fully understanding the battle between the Self and the Higher Self. I was angry and experiencing great emotions and physical pain. One day, Margret gave me a package and said to me, “This is a gift the Master (Maitreya) asked me to give you. He wants you to use it every day. I opened the package, it was a set of coloring tools – color pencils, and a mandala coloring book. Thus, whenever I had free time, I sat at the table and colored mandalas. It was very simple and repetitive work, but I focused intently on each detail of the mandala design and what color combinations would bring it to life. After about 15 days of coloring, one day I was able to hear a constant chatter at the back of my head, it kept telling me that I was stupid, ugly, thick head, I was no good, nobody really liked me, nobody loved me, I was ashamed, disgraced, I deserved to be punished, and I deserve to die, bla, bla, bla. This talking was nonstop, but on and on until I suddenly realized that this was my subconscious talking, and I was sending this message to myself and to the Universe all the time without realizing how negative and self-depreciative I was. No wonder I was struggling, miserable, and angry with my life!

This realization made me aware of my Self and my subconscious mind’s negative message. So, I decided to change it. I started to pay close attention to my subconscious chatter, and I started to say affirmations to change it. This was Maitreya’s Wisdom to teach me to realize my Self and the power of my subconscious so that I could start to make changes in my own reality. It indeed helped me through my 2nd Saturn Return.

Last year, When the transit South Node entered the sign of Scorpio, it was transiting to my 1st house (physical body), and the Ascendant, then, in conjunction with my natal Saturn and Venus in the 12th house, and I started to have lower abdomen cramps. It was irregular and lasted less than a minute, when it started, but it was excruciating as it soaked all my life force out of me!  But when it was over, I was back to normal as if it never happened. I went to hospital and did all the tests and examinations; they were unable to find anything wrong and advised me to take some painkillers when the cramps started. It did nothing to stop the cramps. As the time went by, the cramps became more frequent, and lasted longer and longer. I finally had enough because it had become intolerable, I really started worrying about my health!

I prayed to the Spirit asking for answers. I was prompted to start coloring again. So, with Korinne’s help, I downloaded a few coloring Apps to my phone and started coloring. While I was sitting coloring quietly, a knowing came to me that I didn’t have a physical problem. The cramps were caused by the heavy blockage of my 2nd Chakra due to deep past life energy coming to the surface through the current astrological transit. It was an aha moment. Thus, I started to focus on clearing my 2nd chakra blockage. Then Spirit sent me my friend Kim Sim who is one of the most powerful healers I know, to help me clear my blocked 2nd Chakra. Kim confirmed that my 2nd Chakra was heavily blocked, it required a lot of healing to clear the blockage. With Kim’s 1st remote healing, the cramps stopped for 5 days, with her 2nd healing, so far so good. Honestly, I felt a positive shift after the clearing. I am very grateful for all the help from the Spirit and from Kim!

Each of us is responsible for whether we want to raise our vibration and how and when we want to do it. We alone must make the choices and decisions. If you choose to evolve, you need to spend time and effort to get in touch with your subconscious. There are many ways you can do this. The best and most direct way is Past Life Regression. An experienced past life regression therapist can help you. Or you can become a therapist yourself and do it for yourself. But you can also tune into yourself by doing something quietly and with focus to ensure your Self is fully occupied, so that you can easily hear your subconscious chatter. You will be surprised!

“If only you would sit back and relax – allow the mind to be still – the answers will come.” ~ Maitreya