Giving Thanks

November in the U.S.A. has a national holiday known as Thanksgiving. For me it’s a time of reflection on my journey of life and all those that have touched me. We are often carried away by our emotions and don’t always realize the significant parts people play in our lives. Everyone has a purpose in our lives whether we perceive them to be one that loves us or one that causes us heart ache. They have all chosen to play a role in our life and if we can step back from the emotions of the moment, hopefully we can glimpse a piece of each of them and their actions that is being placed in front of us to assist us to grow. “Often the person who becomes your enemy – the person you come to hate or despise – is your best friend in the spiritual realms, chosen by you to help you to grow. They have agreed to be a part of your life to do this.” ~ Maitreya Quote App (Click here to download Maitreya Quotes App for free)

Ironically, as with life, things can be upside down and not as they appear. The one that loves you may be hindering your growth and the one that upsets you may be helping you if you can just see through the emotions of the moment. I’ve said often, the real question one should strive to ask in all situations is, “what should I be learning from this person or experience?” We are living in a time of victimization; this is nothing but emotion trapping us in the mist of “poor me”. Try to strive to allow your Sun to burn through the fog of “poor me” to allow your sunlight of uniqueness to emerge.

Remember when we are down, we’ve been given an opportunity to get up. Try and forgive those around you that have been a part of your tougher lessons in life. Once you’ve forgiven them, forgive yourself for blaming them in the first place. As Maitreya would often remind me, ‘You made a choice at a point in time with the information and the knowledge you had. Now you are seeing things from a different perspective. The past is gone, let it go and move forward in your journey.’

Try and reflect on all your blessings, dig deep and find the positive things in your life. Put one foot forward in the positive direction. Take a deep breath and look in the mirror at the beautiful soul who is staring back at you. Give thanks to all those who have touched you on your journey. They all have played a part, but the reflection in the mirror is the real star of the show.

Thank yourself, embrace who you are. The journey is not easy, but you had the courage to touchdown on this emotional plane of existence to work through aspects of your being that need tending to. I remember an energy Margaret would channel that would offer me counsel in some of my down times, she would remind me that it is not an easy road. She would always say ‘3 steps forward, 2 steps back. When you fall, have the courage to pick yourself up and take that next step forward, don’t let the self-part of you blame someone else. Everything and everyone are props for your learning.’

I remember my Navy days on my submarine. Weeks and months spent underwater missing holidays with loved ones. It was easy to let the emotions sabotage you to “poor me”, but then we would pull into a poor country where children were sleeping in doorways, food was scare, and martial law went into effect at midnight to control the lawlessness. All I had to do was look at my circumstances and realize at least I had a bed to peacefully sleep in, 3 meals a day to eat and they paid me for what I was doing. My Navy experience showed me that no matter how bad I “thought” I had it, someone was always worse off than me.

As we enter the holiday season, try to give thanks to all the experiences you’ve had, and the actors and actresses in your play. Most importantly, thank yourself for being the incredible soul that by birthright you are! Let your Sunshine.

Have a great month,