God of the Garden

We just spent an enormous amount of time, effort along with a lot of sweat in 100% humidity to clean up our yard and garden at the new house we just moved into in New Orleans. Not much upkeep had been done in the yard, so it was pretty overgrown. By the end of the project we had 50 bags of foliage and multiple piles of tree trimmings.

I started the project with the purchase of a lawn mower to simply mow the grass, but then I glanced around at the overgrown flower beds and the untrimmed trees and made a unilateral decision to tackle everything. It was an interesting experience as I moved from simply mowing the lawn to a 5-day project enlisting Jean, Korinne and Ratna to assist me in raking the leaves in the yard and flower beds, pulling weeds, pruning the flowers and ultimately trimming the limbs of some pretty big trees. I decided to try and do the job as efficiently as we could, so off I went to purchase some complements to the mower I had purchased. I came back from the store with a weed/grass trimmer, a blower to blow the leaves, and ultimately, a chain saw to trim those trees. I now had all the tools to pretty much do anything I wanted. I was definitely now in full control of what I wanted to do and how aggressive I wanted to be. At every step of the project, I was the responsible soul who got to determine what I cut and what I didn’t. I determined whether a particular specimen was a flower I wanted to keep or if I classified it as a weed that I wanted to remove. With the tools I had at my disposal, there wasn’t anything I couldn’t do. My power was unlimited, and my actions were only limited by the decisions I made; essentially, I was playing “God in my Garden”!

There were a lot of creeping or maybe I should call them slithering vines that had intertwined themselves through the branches and foliage searching for sunlight as they had reached lengths of 30 feet or more as they strove to find the light. Were they helping or hurting the trees and bushes they were commingling with? I termed them a weed as I felt they were strangling the growth of the trees and flowers, but were they really a detriment or a nasty old weed as I categorized them? I was making the choices, not them, and from their perspective I am sure they would differ with my decision if they had a voice. A thought popped into my head as I was cutting back some serious overgrowth, “Wow, there are some beautiful flowers hidden beneath the growth doing just fine without me thinking I was being their savior.” LOL

All the while I was doing this project, I kept thinking about the unrest we all experience as we are impacted by the decisions made by others that influence us every day. Who are the flowers, who are the weeds and more importantly, who is playing “God”? I, armed with my tools in my garden was representing what people in positions of authority do that impacts people’s lives all day long. They often make choices that determine who is a weed and who is a flower. They make their decisions based on the color of someone’s skin, the family they came from, their religion, whether they agree or disagree with their actions or inactions, or just how they feel about the individual on a given day or situation? From a metaphysical perspective, if we are honest with ourselves, there is probably Karma, Past Life Energy and Life Lessons involved in the situation, but it doesn’t make the impact or consequences of the decisions that others make any less intrusive.

Yes, the decisions made by others directly impacts our reality, but are they really “God of our Destiny”, the answer is NO, unless we allow them to be. Ultimately, we have to make our own choices. In the end, we are all our own “God”! We are not powerless over decisions others make over us. Often, valuable learning occurs when someone pushes us to our limits. We are the creators of our own reality. It isn’t always easy to make choices when we feel we are being pushed, but that is our journey of learning and we must strive to embrace, accept and learn from the experiences of the choices others often push us towards. We may feel in certain situations that we are just like the flowers, weeds and trees in my yard that had no power to push back against my decisions, but unlike them, we not only have the ability to make a choice to embrace or walk away from the situation, BUT even more importantly we have the ability to learn something from the situation if we cut through the emotions and try to ask, “What am I learning or not learning from this situation”.

Our life is a journey of soul growth intertwined in the choices and decisions of those around us. Some people we know intimately, some we have no personal relationship to whatsoever, but the choice is still ours when it comes to the power “we give” to the situation unfolding in our lives. We are working through a time where a lot of what is happening around us is being viewed as starkly as my choices in the garden; that is a weed and that is a flower. When in reality, we all know that things that impact each of us on a personal level are never that simple. I know at this time I am struggling as decisions are being made by those in power to classify what I see as beautiful flowers into weeds and the emotional toll can be exhausting but try and ….

“… Remember, life is an illusion; everything and everyone in your life is only there to assist you in learning your life lessons. Once you truly let go of the emotional attachment to others, you are able to make your own choices for your soul growth.” Maitreya Wisdom Card #9 – Choices

I’ll be out playing “God” in my garden and hopefully learning from my choices. How about you?

Have a great month!