Life is constantly teaching us something through change so that we can evolve in consciousness and vibration. However, we often resist the change when the change starts to come. The Self part of us does not like change, it only wants to stay in the ‘comfort zone’ no matter whether the ‘comfort zone’ is real comfort or not. Unfortunately, the universe does not stop bringing change into our lives regardless of whether our Self is ready for it or not. The truth is that the Self part of us will never be ready for change because it lives in fear and only functions for survival! Yet, if we resist change, we for sure will create more hardship and difficulties in our lives because change can often bring chaos and discomfort when it is in the process of pushing us to let go of the old and establishing the new. On the other hand, if we are open to embracing the change with total faith and trust even when we may be scared of the unknown and uncertainty of the process of change, we will be able to go through it much easier and come out much better than before.

I recently went through an interesting process of understanding change by witnessing a new playground’s transformation in a new construction area of our neighborhood.

We live in the Renton Fairwood area of Seattle, and our house stands alone, quiet and peaceful, surrounded by large body of water, trees and beautiful nature. The deer often wander around our house and in our yard to search for food, and sometimes they come to our window to look at us from outside the bay window of our living room. We all have enjoyed the beautiful surroundings, especially during this time as we needed time and space for healing since we moved in on July 1st, 2016. This is the house that Margaret/Maitreya provided for us before Margaret passed away. Margaret only helped us move in and she lived here with us for only 10 days prior to her passing.

Beginning last summer there was a new construction project to build 49 new houses started in our neighborhood. A large area of forest was completely cleared away and it immediately changed the energy of the surroundings. Seeing all the trees and bushes, including some of the old and big trees, gone made me distraught and upset each time Alan and I passed by that area on our daily walk. Luckily, Alan was able to detach from that situation due to his Scorpio inner strength, so he was able to help me calm down as he said to me, “We can not control what other people do and how they do it, but we can control our own emotional reaction towards it.” It is true that I was giving my own energy and power away to something I had not control over by simply reacting to it emotionally. I could hear Maitreya’s words, ‘what a waste of energy!’. This realization helped me stop my emotional reaction to it.

The ground work in that area was completed by the time Alan and I came back from China last December. There was an area that was set-aside as a playground for the public, which is close to the main road. When the construction first started, this area was excavated to about 5 meters deep and it looked like a very large cement swimming pool. It became a huge holding tank for the water supply for the future residents of the 49 houses as they put a cement cover on it. They then covered it with soil, and the surface looked like an undeveloped and desolated area. Anyone walking by now would not know that there was a huge water reservoir underneath. Alan and I walked by it twice a day as we passed through that area and I wondered what was going to be put on that surface. To be honest, it did not look pretty at all due to the constant rain turning the soil to mud. The water covered that whole area, and the topsoil became like a mud swamp. It looked sad, dirty, chaotic, and desolate. Every time we passed through there, I could not help but asking what the house builders would do with it. I worried about it because I could not see its future. Alan would always reply, “I don’t know, we will just have to have patience to see it unfold.” Of course, he was right!

A while ago, a few workers came to work on that area. They wore knee-high rubber boots, stood in the muck, manually digging in the mud, laying the irrigation pipes down, and sealing the top with soils, then spreading sandstone on top of the soils in order to help drain the water and make the surface less watery. I shivered in the coldness just watching the manual laborers working so hard in the mud in the cold weather, and I wondered how they would be able to get that big area done. On one hand, I had so much respect for their hard work and appreciation for their work ethic, but on the other hand, I still could not see the outcome of their efforts because for me the desolation, chaos of mud and the large amount of labor work was too great to overcome. One day as we were walking by, I could not help but say to Alan that I could not see the outcome of their efforts because the place definitely has a water problem! Again, Alan simply said to me, “Just let it unfold, those people know exactly what they are doing!”

Alan was right again! A few days later, the workers transformed that area with their magic hands! The ground was cleaned, the water was gone, they planted trees and bushes around the area, covered the ground with fertilized soil and mulch, and sodded grass was placed on top of the soil. The whole area became a beautiful public playground, and it was completely transformed in a day – the past chaos was replaced by order, and the dirty mud was transformed into beautiful green grass, trees and bushes. As I saw this in one of our morning walks, I just could not believe what I saw. I was speechless and in awe!

At that moment, I was clearly aware of the lessons this process has taught me. It has shown me how change takes process. When the change happens, there is always some disruption to the old structure and status quo as it is paving the way for the new coming in. In this process, it is inevitably creating confusion, chaos, uncertainty, bringing our fears and insecurity out to be dealt with. However, just like the builders planned and the workers did to put a beautiful public playground on top of a water reservoir, the Universe knows exactly how to have the change take place in our lives. If we are open to embrace change, simply trust the Universe and the change itself, let the Universe do its job, and have total faith and patience, we will for sure be amazed and in awe at the positive outcome of the change. It will always be positive and flowing, just as Maitreya said, “Do not be afraid of change and of moving into a new energy, for life is in constant change, and sometimes it is necessary to make changes for one’s own happiness and health situation.” So, the lesson for me to learn in this matter is to not fear change, instead, have faith, trust and patience for the change, and go with the change. To the end, as I truly let go of any concerns, worries and fears, all will be well as they are destined to be!

The photo below I took that day when I saw the transformation of this public park overnight. It is indeed amazing!