Going with the Flow

On a recent early morning visit to my favorite beach on Lake Superior, I was struck by the calmness of the wind and water. The usual, expected waves were not there, and it was so quiet! These are the words that flowed as I sat in that stillness.

The stillness of the water today:

Eerie or peaceful

Foreboding or anticipatory

Uneasy or respite

Strange or natural

It’s a choice.

Being the ultimate optimist that I am, I choose – a peaceful respite, anticipating the natural transition to more. Maybe with a touch of eerie for excitement. Unusual, but perhaps only because I am not here frequently enough. As it is with life: I have come to accept and flow with the unusual – the calms between the storms, finding and valuing the calm within the storms, and of course, weathering the storms. For just as the huge waves will return to the lake, there are always storms. The ability to flow from one to the other, calm to storm to calm, with peace and acceptance, is the natural key to navigating this life. Learning through both is essential.

Life here on the earth plane is rather crazy these days. The storms are frequent, and often just seem to be brewing beneath the surface. Sometimes one has to actively search for the calms, or be the calm. And that morning on the lake, I was skeptical of the calm! I had to choose for it to be a peaceful respite. There are always lessons to learn. Maitreya says, “Going with the flow is a hard lesson to learn for many individuals on the journey of life, as it requires you to completely let go of any expectations of what is going to happen. Going with the flow means that you must surrender yourself to Spirit for the guidance, and have total faith in the Universe that what you need will be provided at the right place and right time… The flow of life will take you exactly where you need to be.” Maitreya Wisdom Card  #36 – Go with the Flow.

And so it is. I am grateful for the lessons of the Lake.

©Linda Zeppa
Author, writer, educator, Intuitive Development Coach and Guide, Writing Coach and Guide, Editor. For more information contact linda@intuwriting.com.