Going with the Season
by Sreepallavi Thota

As I see my children grow into toddlers, I see they have personality. Each of my children are different in their choices. They both have ethereal beauty in their unconditional chuckles. They have their ways for learning and have strengths. They have points they get upset about, that are quite different. It is an amazing ebb and flow of life energy dancing as I withdraw and experience it. My withdrawal, at least occasionally, is my center of peace to stand beside my Divine Self and observe. I learn during those moments of observation. ‘It’s all for your learning’ the Divine speaks in a soft tone to me. Yes, of course it is. I have moon in Cancer in my first house. I have that area where my Self could take me into a never-ending downward spiral if I allow my negative imagination to go unchecked pertaining to children and motherhood, family, security etc. Yet, when I know it is only thoughts, I know I have the power to change these imaginary thoughts into positive outcomes. I practice at keeping my thoughts positive. This is quite powerful, because it shows there is a choice and effort that I am make each moment towards positive thought and its outcome. The silence I feel within, I hear Spirit saying, ‘have total faith in me’ and smiling. I see quotes as I browse through Facebook like, “Once you make a decision, the Universe conspires to make it happen”, “The Universe is extremely willing to play with you if you will”. In the Maitreya daily app cards I see ‘Faith’, ‘Coincidence’, ‘Faith’, again, ‘Change’ and so on, which is a constant reminder and validation to me that Spirit is working all the time; Spirit is simply unstoppable. All this takes place when I allow myself to be open to forgiveness. Forgiveness is the understanding of greater love and acknowledgement of Spirit’s presence all around us. Do you see that greater love in Mother Nature as we admire Spring colors around us? What does it speak to your heart?

I recently had the privilege to hike along the path where Blue bells were in bloom. The beauty touched me and woke me up to the subtle awareness to become open to feel and experience the love of nature spirits and angles surrounding us. It is hard for me to put into words. Experience is most precious and cannot be taken for granted. I give my heartfelt love back to nature and I will be there with them as I remember my experience.

What positive thoughts do you have in your beautiful being today, for tomorrow and for the beautiful future you are creating at this moment? Are they for your highest good? 😊

Enjoy Spring!