Good News – We Never Really Die!

We don’t die – we simply pass away from this lifetime. Death is simply a passing from this life to the world of Spirit. Those of us left behind in the world are the sad ones, mourning the loss of our loved ones, but they simply move onto a loving, peaceful ‘heavenly’ dimension. It was just their time to leave this lifetime.

When we leave these physical bodies, only our bodies stop existing – we pass to the Spirit world where we meet with wiser beings who metaphorically hold our hand and take us on a journey into the Light.

Reviewing the life we just left

With these wise beings, we review the life we just lived, in my current life it would be as an English woman called Jacquie, but in another of my thousands of lifetimes I might be a Chinese man or a Norwegian woman – and this process happens between each of our lifetimes until we’ve done all or our personal healing work to become enlightened and stop reincarnating altogether.

So, a bit like in a cinema, I would be shown my life on the big screen – warts and all – I would see the challenges I faced as Jacquie, and how I dealt with them. The people I related to and what those interactions were like, and then, remembering that “time” is only a worldly concept and not part of being in Spirit, I would choose my path for my next incarnation including who my parents will be and which challenges I want to have so I can continue to evolve and heal.

My goal is to become enlightened, so I’m trying to evolve as Jesus and Buddha did – to take two well-known souls who mastered their lives – and it is said that when we review our lives in this “cinema” or Hall of Mirrors, we are very keen to do better in our next lifetime so we can continue to achieve our goals.

Souls that have been mentally disturbed and take their own lives, or people unexpectedly killed in accidents or by freaks of Nature are very much comforted when they pass over. We go to a place of peace because it’s only the physical world that is painful and unkind. The world of Spirit is loving and peaceful. It’s said that souls love being there but choose to reincarnate on Earth because this is such a beautiful planet. There are other dense planets where we could reincarnate – but I am going to stick with the old familiar world we inhabit at the moment!

“What happens when we die?”

This was my first question when I started out on my spiritual path in the 90s, and after many years of research and personal experience, I have the answers I was looking for. Indeed, even prior to that, in the 70s I bought a book about near death experiences (NDEs) which was full of documented accounts from people who were thought to have died (in accidents or in hospital) but came back to life. These NDEs more often than not show people that there is definitely another dimension – the world of Spirit – and they talk about a loving place beyond our imagination. This is my experience when I connect to Holy Spirit – pure joy and Light and Love and laughter!

So when you next experience grief, of course deal with your emotions, but in the knowledge that your loved one is not suffering anymore and is in a place of peace and love in the Spirit world, I hope you will find it easier to grieve. I found great comfort was gained from my reading with a Medium, which I go into more detail about in this blog on my website – it really was most beneficial. Margaret also had a reading with this Medium when she visited England – I remember her telling us to get regular readings and healings to support us on our journeys.

I hope you have a jolly July!

With love, as ever


Jacquie Verbeek